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It is not easy to interpret, from books or newspapers, the meaning of a place, the spirit of a culture
that pursues a new birth after such a dramatic experience. It is not easy to get into the deep and
practice needs of people working to piece together a nation. Not easy to take the decision to
participate to a competition with so many significant issues.
In the end prevailed in us the desire to challenge with this city, which self defines the “Door to
Orient”, using the instruments of architecture and without any haughtiness of giving a final
We decided to participate using the city as an access point to a culture so close and so far at the
same time. A project works if it brings knowledge and growth.
The project site, located on the limit of the “old town”, has a high value for Beirut. It is part of the
border, sensitive and ambiguous place, where two urban areas, so different and distinct, have a
dialogue. Since the beginning of our approach to this competition, we focused our attention on the
interpretation of the border. Border means limit, cut, scar, discontinuity, but it is also the place
where people, cultures, differences meet. The research of a new identity based on this concept
might give a deeper meaning to the future.
Through this approach, remaining inside the site limit, we conceived the building to a human

1 место: Team leader
Alberto Catalano

Team members
Giulia Iurcotta
Barbarangelo Licheri
Daniel Piludu
Celestine Sanna
Mariangela Murgia
Emanuela Forcolini
Souraya Frem



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