Chaos and Space: Extraterrestrial settlement of the future 2016 — 2147
in Russian: Хаос и космос:
Внеземные поселения будущего
2016 — 2147
Центр Исследования Хаоса

«Two things fill my soul with wonder and awe, the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me»
I. Kant

«The soul grieves about heaven. She's not local fields lodger»
Sergey Esenin

«The earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot eternally live in a cradle»
K. E. Tsiolkovsky

Winners of the competition
«Future: 2016 — 2147: Extraterrestrial settlement»

Opinions. Publications


House of the Future

"Chaos research center" and the Historical-cultural-philosophical experiment "Future-2147" invites to publish the works and projects on "Chaos and cosmos: Extraterrestrial settlements of the future 2016 — 2147" as answer the question:

What are existence, consciousness, culture and architecture of the future Extraterrestrial settlements (2016 — 2147 year)?

Please send the answers:
«Chaos research center» (Simon Rastorguev) (also in English)
Historical-cultural-philosophical experiment «Future-2147» (Dmitry Misyurov)

gallery of the competition: Space 1961-2016-2147

Gallery of works and projects:
Ring City project:
universal space colonies for planets of the Solar system / Mars for example

Ring city 1   Ring city 2   Ring-city 3   Ring-city 4   Ring-city 5   Ring-city 6   Ring-city 7stream city

Exoplanets and linear structure of the city:
Catherine Lyutova
Экзопланеты Линейный город

futura iii Futura II Futura I
Futura III-I / Darya Kuptsova

Лифт к другим
Lift to others / Andrey Sorokin

Вселенная Мир Будущее Житель других миров, планет A resident of the other worlds
Universe, World, Future, A resident of the other worlds, planets 1 & 2 / Kamilla Alferova

Город будущего
City of the Future / Marya Zakharova

Летом 2147 отдых на других планетах
2147 summer vacation on other planets / Anastasya Malygina

Future / Marina Novoseltseva

Чёрная дыра и двойная галактика Парусники Титана
Black hole and double galaxy, Sailboats on Titanium / Victor Philippsky

The algorithm / Vitaly Miroshnikov

Волшебный мир между небом и землей Дружелюбная планета Наталия Мороз Наталия Мороз / 2 Наталия Мороз 2016
A magical world between heaven and earth, Friendly planet, ... / Natali Maroz

Дельфин будущего
Dolphin future / Marya Artemenko

Дмитрий Мисюров - печать-экслибрис
Dialectical stamp-bookplate for the Future / Dmitry Misurov

Дмитрий Мисюров
Minute of the extraterrestrial future settlements / Dmitry Misurov
See also this work in Russian & in Chinese

Continuation of the gallery

Support of the project:

Department of ethics, Philosophy faculty of Moscow state University M. V. Lomonosov will provide for the winner of the competition of extraterrestrial territories a book about philosophy and ethics with a dedication signature.

The magazine "Russian space" will publish the best works of this competition "Space 1961 - 2016 - 2147". Editor in Chief, Victor Petrovich Savinykh, President of MIIGAiK state technical University, academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, Russian engineering Academy, corresponding member of RAS, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR will given the book with a personal signature to winners.

/   Department of historical information science, Historical faculty M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University will give as a prize a signed book about the historical process.

/   Laboratory of aerospace methods of Geographical faculty of Moscow state University M. V. Lomonosov will provide the winner a signed popular science book about space images and ecology.

/   Comprehensive laboratory studies of extraterrestrial territories (CLIFT) Moscow state University of geodesy and cartography (MIIGAiK) are ready to choose winners and provide:

— Atlas of Phobos (now in press);

— Map of the region landing, AMC "Luna-17" and route "Lunohod-1";

— Map of route "Lunohod-2";

— Atlas Of The Moon.

/   The magazine News of higher education "Geodesy and aerial photography" intends to publish the winning entries on the theme of extraterrestrial settlements in the magazine.

/   Faculty of applied cosmonautics and photogrammetry of MIIGAiK plans to provide the winners of the contest of space pictures.

/   Department of astronomy and space geodesy, University of geodesy and cartography intends to provide the prizes.

/   Youth research centre MIIGAiK "IMPULSE" plans to invite the winners of the competition for the launches quadcopter.

/   Publishing house "Lomonosov" will provide book prizes.

/   Chaos Research Center create an electronic catalog of works of the contest.

Cosmic training center No. 354. D. M. Karbyshev will invite selected winners, students in the education system, to engage in manned space exploration.

The Department of design and publishing maps MIIGAiK will invite the chosen winner of the class for creating maps

Moscow May 1 Library (Leninsky Prospekt, 37A) will show an exhibition of selected works of the competition on the electronic screens.

/   Vladimir Mayakovsky Central city public library ( (St. Petersburg), will showcase selected works from the competition "Extraterrestrial settlements of the future 2016-2147" on holiday "Park of smart entertainment" or on other events.

MIIGAiK library plans to hold an exhibition of works.

A list of partners and prizes open to suggestions

Some of the projects of the extraterrestrial settlements:

NASA interested in the colonization of Mars using ice houses.

The Colonization Of The Moon. Russia will build research station on the satellite.

Colonization of the Solar system plan to be on Mars in 10 years.

Russia and China get together to build a station on the moon.

How to create a Russian manned lunar station.

The colonization of Mars and the Mars One project.


The Martian Walks.

Prose about extraterrestrial settlements of the future 2016—2147:

Literary contest "Future Extraterrestrial settlements": the winners

Star movies: problems and solutions / Eugene Savoysky

Ekphrasis / Irina Kuznetsova

Through thorns to the stars... / Sorokin A. A

Two thousand and forty-eight, the New Year, so ... / Marya Tikhomirova

Space 1961 – 2016 – 2147 / Anastasia Levankova

Parallel / Tatyana Ragulya

People and space / Natalya Chernysheva

Big city of the little earth / Sergey Spyaschy


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