FAQ 1.


We have the following questions that I would like to discuss with you:

1. The language of the competition. Could it be entirely written in English?

2. Is the deadline for the registration the same as the submission one (1st, September)? Should both of them be sent at the same time?

3. Regarding the boards:

3.1 Do they have to include the name of the company or only the name of the project (in order to remain anonymous)?

3.2 Do we have to send them by e-mail as the other information, or shall we send them by regular mail? In case to be sent by regular mail, do they need a rigid surface?

4. Is there any additional information required? For example, official degree in architecture or civil engineering, any other official documents as ID.

A: 1. The languages of the competition is English and Russian. You can use English in your project and all other documents (registration form, etc.)

2. upd: The deadline for the registration is September, 30 and 1st, October — for the submission.

3. Our competition is not anonymous, you can place the name of the company and the name of the project on the boards.

3.2. Submission is via email, you can find more info here: http://cih.ru/bie/spartak.html and in the registration form

4. We don’t require copies of the official documents. All required info is described in the registration form.

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