Spartacus Alive

Spartacus Alive / Neha P Korde / India, Mumbai, Ahmedabad

Attached alongwith / Neha P Korde

Spartacus Alive – Revitalization of the stadium “Spartak” in the historical center of Yaroslavel (UNESCO Zone)

Preconceived notions always remain in the form of memories attached to a historical location which then gives a strong cause to retain it. Revitalizing the stadium of Spartak gives that opportunity to weave those memories of recreational activities with respect to different type of locale present around with different typology of user moving around this historical center.

The presence of multiple typologies of surroundings gives a unique character to the site & further it defines a movement pattern throughout. This pattern has been has been followed towards a design solution which give an idea to user to roam around the area.

Attached alongwith / Neha P Korde / 2

The path following from residential complexes to the green area and the other one which follows the entrance of the monastery have been traced out. The intersection can be used as activity areas for different people from different age groups and also different strata in the community.

As the whole area is available for the built form the site has been divided into 2 halves defining closed and open spaces as private and congregational spaces towards residential settlement. Whereas the other half defines the display area and the exhibition galleries having administration with storage area alongwith.

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