Invisible Rock

Invisible Rock / Milan Vujoviс / Serbia, Belgrade

Invisible Rock / Milan Vujoviс


The carefully studied elements of the site show a respectful awareness of the possible impact that a building of this scale and meaning could have on the surrounding area – a dialogue with its perimeters in an effort to fit into both the urban and the natural landscape. This ambiguous juxtaposition between the natural, and the urban, is reflected on the architectural design.

The building is structured in accordance to the topography on the location. So, energy is channeled to it out of the park on the one, and the Chuch of the Saviour at “Gorod” on the other side. The project is concentrated on the possibility of exploiting the topography and natural ground levels of the site area as a means of defining the morphology of the building.

Invisible Rock / Milan Vujoviс / 2


The new project is proposed as a mixture of many different activities and programmatic possibilities of the location. The stadium area (ravine) is divided in two equal parts. One of them, which is orientated toward the Chuch of the Saviour at “Gorod” is designed as an open, public field — City square. The other one is the building of New gallery (museum). Each of those parts is composed on bases of the square geometry. The dimensions of these squares are 54/54 m. The building unites many different spaces under one roof. The general concept was to create a multifunctional interior space that can be used in so many different ways. The central space of the building is a Great hall with the dimensions of 27/27/8 m under one span. The Great hall is designed to improve the variety of functional possibilities of the building which can be: fairs, sport events, temporary exhibitions, lectures, projections, concerts, cultural events… est. 

The public space on the location is formed as a network and the building has the direct phisical connections with the park, square and surrounding streets. The program devoted to so different types of activities, provides the inspiration for the modulation of the building form.The character of the building and its aesthetic and usability features, are the result of the efforts to generate the meaningful and rational architectural concept.The main goal is to design and to develope a rational concept of walking paths and pedestrian routes. It should provide the optimal functional connections and good spatial sensations.

Invisible Rock / Milan Vujoviс / 3

Roof of the building is elevated 2 m from existing upper level of ravine (that was the main competition regulation) Roof is designed as the pedestrian area and an area designed for greenery (park). New panorama that is openned from this point of view is magnificant. People are shifted in the middle of the location, on the building’s roof where one can enjoy a beautiful view toward the heritage surroundings. The key word that symbolises the architectural concept of New galery is „mimicry“. New building is inserted in the context in both ways: phisical and functional.

The treatment of green areas and their incorporation within the project are devoted to the idea of „invisible“ intervention. The facade that is opened toward the square is designed as the double- skined one. First layer of facade is covered with glass in the manner of classical curtain wall. The outer layer of the facade is designed as the semi-transparent wire mesh. This surface is proposed to be a field for growing up greenery, ivy, flowers ect. That idea is symbolising the ecological and susteinable architectural approach. On the surface of main facade three zones are left completely openned to allow direct panoramic views to the square and churches. These panoramic cadres are articulated and they are incorporated in the overall architectural composition of the building.

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The overall composition is formed by creating a geometric structure extruded from the square form. Expanded communications and places without fixed function are deployed around the multifunctional spaces in order to allow greater flexibility in the accommodating of a variety of events. The concept is based on the ideas of openness and communication. We tried to create a basic form which is easy to read and to understand. We desire to make a clear composition by using minimum of materials and architectural elements and we treat the form as the one and unique picture which will symbolize the overall meaning of the project typology.

Developement of the spatial concept was based on the analyses of the circulation and on the real necessities of people using the building. We tryed to find the correct physical and functional responses on the opportunities offered by the programatic origins of the project and the inspirative context. Roof of the building is connected with the existing terrain via four pedestrian bridges. These bridges have, besides their functional aspect, associative role in the whole design. They are symbolizing psychological and metaphysical connections between old and new times and structures. One of crucial themas of the design is a theme of arcades. Arcades surround the square from its north side and they have a dual function, as the exhibition and pedestrian walk through and as the limit of the square form. Public garage with 100 parking places is incorporated in the slope of terrain on the west side of ravine. The garage is designed with the green roof on the top of it which is sensibly connected with the other elements of urban composition.

Invisible Rock / Milan Vujoviс / 5

The geometric concept suggests and symbolizes the functionality and the identity of the activities that the building is predicted for. Therefore, a variety of unique spaces is created. The process of entering and leaving this building should be an easy flowing process. The walking route that flows trough the building from the lower to the upper level connects two main ambients of the site. Besides the outer paths (around the new building and on the top of it) visitors are sent to use that path through the building and to experience New gallery’s hospitality and opennes.


Simplicity and interaction with the site are the main features of this building, so we can observe the relatively simple use of materials, details and the contrast imprint of the material itself.

This allows us to treat space surfaces in modest and simple way. The structure is designed as a combination of concrete slabs, columns and girders. The unique span of construction is 9 m.

Proposed materials are steel, concrete, glass, perforated steel membranes, wooden decks on the roof along with the green surface of the grass for the roof-garden. The interior is designed as an assemblage of specific places. The feeling of the interior comfort is reflected in the precise detailing and well-harmonized palette of materials. Because of wear and damage, materials in areas for visitors and exhibitions are chosen very carefully. The main project provides a sound analysis of the posting in specific areas (show room, hall, exhibition spaces, etc.). The chosen materials provide optimal acoustic comfort.

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