Light Paths

Light Paths / Unitary : Omar Rabie / Egypt, Cairo

Light Paths / Unitary : Omar Rabie

The basic idea, concept of the project:


An assembly of varied Exhibition Paths with different sections, proportions, geometries, openings, and consequently natural light will provoke and inspire curators, and encourage visitors to navigate through different spatial experiences.

Light Paths / Unitary : Omar Rabie / 2

Short description:


The geometrically diverse array of linear paths create a topographical roof bridging the sides of the stadium, which people can walking through its different levels, and enjoy a warm mix of soft & hard scape.


The array of linear exhibition tubes/paths is redundantly cut to either create outdoor GREEN COURTYARDS or indoor ACTIVITY HALLS. Both can be used either for exhibitions, celebrations.

Technical features of the object:

Precast Concrete Assembly

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