Wave / Piotr Maсkiewicz, Remigiusz Roehle / Poland, Poznan

Wave / Piotr Maсkiewicz, Remigiusz Roehle


The main idea behind the concept for the new exhibition space, in the historical center of the city, was to blend it into the surroundings not allowing the volume of the building to dominate the space completely, but also making it instantly recognizable and unique.

The main feature of the building is its external form. It does not elevate much above the higher street level on the northern and south-eastern side of the site. The roof and sides are shaped to resemble the flow of the river Volga and Kotorosl’ which merge together in the vicinity of the building site, hence the wave like structure. The effect is seen the best from the existing walkway bridge and the newly designed footbridge. Also the exterior wave design helps to make the building volume feel light and interesting. The form of the building is quite big, but because it is fitted into the surrounding ridges it does not dominate over the surrounding historical structures. The roof and sidewalls which compose the wave shape are covered in cooper in order to connect to the roofs of the two surrounding orthodox churches. The cooper will in time corrode from the influence of the weather and cover itself in patina. This will prevent further corrosion and give the whole structure a greenish color ensuring a noble feeling to the building. New pedestrian way and footbridge create a spots with interesting views, in which wave pavilion is a background for old churches in neighborhood.

Wave / Piotr Maсkiewicz, Remigiusz Roehle / 2

Over 80% of the interior of the building has been dedicated for exhibition space. Allowing for permanent as well as temporary exhibitions or vernissages to take place. Additionally all the spaces are kept in an open manner, which makes them easily adaptable for various purposes and functions easily serving the current needs. That allows the building to take on not only exhibitional functions, but also leisure, business or educational easily transforming into concert halls, fairs, convents, conference centers or lecture halls. This ensures the buildings self sufficiency and also lasting attractiveness as multiple events will take place there throughout the whole year luring different groups of people into this part of the city.

The main purpose of the building is to rise the prestige of the surrounding neighborhood and also extend the awareness of this beautiful part of the old city.

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