upd: Results of the Competition

Dates Biennale is transferred to the middle of February 2014.

Conference-Center of the YAB


At the end of last week there was a meeting of the working group on competition, which was attended by eight members of the jury, they have compiled a long list of projects for the following meetings and for the presentation to the governor of the region. Comments of jury will be prepared for each project from a list, after that the list will be published. At the moment, the curator and the other members of the committee studying the materials of projects, mainly — explanatory notes. Until October 28, as it was announced, will be a large meeting of the jury, and the projects will be represented in the government of the region. After that, maybe not immediately, results will be announced. We have received 45 projects, it is a big number, and almost all of them are of sufficient quality and deeply developed. Dates of the Biennale also specified, in connection with a broad response of guests, many who want to attend the event. These circumstances requires additional resources for the organization of the Biennale. We make all efforts to carry out the Biennale at the highest level.


This is official blog of the Spartacus Alive contest. If your are a potential participant of this competition, you can ask any questions here. Organizers will share insider information about competition in this blog. It is official competition of the Yaroslavl Architecture Biennale.

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Revitalization of the stadium «Spartak» in the historical center of Yaroslavl (UNESCO Zone)

— Goals and objectives:
Formation of a closed space for exhibitions, festivals, fairs. Creation of a new pavilion type in the historic center of the city of Yaroslavl, on the site of the old ravine (protected landscape) according to the development program of the museum complex of the city.
Note: the maximum height above the existing ground level, the upper edge of the ravine — 2 m

— Deadline: October, 1, 2013

— projects longlist

— approximate dates of the Biennale: February, 2014

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