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The Arena And The Grid

The Arena And The Grid / uncreated.net : Maíra Zasso + Yorik van Havre / Brazil, Sao Paulo

The Arena And The Grid / uncreated.net : Maíra Zasso + Yorik van Havre


The arena is left almost entirely to its current function: An open space, fit for sports, recreation, shows, and any other spontaneous use that may arise. There, three new «buildings» are added: two above ground, for exhibitions of any type, and one underground, for archaeological exhibitions.

Additionally, with the creation of a grid of art and entertainment points (sculptures, architectural «follies», art installations, etc…) the arena also gains a prominent artistic role, and becomes a «patch» that links the two parts (north and south of the Kotorosl river) of the city.

The whole design is a free-form, adaptable system, made to be further adapted to the space demands of museum uses, and to the archaeological findings on the site.

The Arena And The Grid / uncreated.net : Maíra Zasso + Yorik van Havre / 2


The new arena marks the end of the historic centre with an art and entertainment grid which spreads on the park and the river making a link between the northern and southern parts of the city . This grid is made of totems made by different artists, from sculptors to painters, from architects to designers. Each one changes in form and use depending of its location.  Читать далее