Архив метки: France


Around / IOEW architectures : Alain Friedrich, Radoslav Rusev + Laurent Bouman architects / FRANCE, Colmar

Around / IOEW architectures : Alain Friedrich, Radoslav Rusev + Laurent Bouman architects


The main concept of this project is to organize on the proper site of the stadium and ravines around an architectural and landscape proposal able to solve urban connection problems. A city park containing an agora is created on the museum’s roof.

At the heart of the historical city center is located the Spartacus stadium. Though in contradiction with its historical and touristic surrounding’s context, the stadium remains a main place of meeting, and a place where open-air events are hosted and using the old stands around it. Towards our site are converging both urban courses and perspectives, but the terrain’s topography still remains an obstacle today.

Around / IOEW architectures : Alain Friedrich, Radoslav Rusev + Laurent Bouman architects / 2

Our project must be able to ease those links and urban uses by conciliating the courses and keeping the existing social uses of this plot.  Читать далее

Forum Museum

Forum Museum / ABVM : BOUËT Adrien, MONIER Vincent / FRANCE / Paris

A public place above a museum, the whole articulated around a circular central patio of entrance.

Forum Museum / ABVM

About the site

The old ravine takes part of a former embankment linked to a military defense system. Besides the constant evolution of the growing city, the old ravine has progressivrly lost his urban function. The ra- vine is no longer integrated to the old embankement. The walkway comes from the south est and go further the south west without passing around the ravine. Despite the fact that the ravine has kept a leisure and creative function, it is no longer part of an urban space. It does not present a real architectural value despite its high potential due to the heritage surrounding the site.

Forum Museum / ABVM / 2

About the stakes of the project

How to give back urban qualities to the ravine and its surrounding? How to generate a dynamique while preserving the heritage?


About the program

Within the context of a cultural policy promoting easy acces to history and art, the idea is to give a place able to recieve the permanent collection about local traditions and the history of the city. In the same time the museum would be able to expose temporary colections at the ocasion of festivals, fair or special exhibition.

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