Архив метки: Ireland

Yaroslavl Contemporary Historical

Yaroslavl Contemporary Historical / Matthew James Murphy / Ireland, Dublin

Yaroslavl Contemporary Historical / Matthew James Murphy

The basic idea, concept of the project: 

The basic idea of the project looks as how Yaroslavl developed in an urban sense, a radial pattern from its centre. The project site lies within a block in this radial pattern. The project utilises this block of context to form a museum which responds to the surroundings as much as it responds to its own programme.

Short description:    

The project uses the context of historical churches and the generous space of the stadium to create a building which acknowledges the presence of history and its importance, but also views to the future of the public by providing usable external space.

Yaroslavl Contemporary Historical / Matthew James Murphy / 2

Technical features of the object: 

The project heavily depends on using northern light to illuminate the spaces. This allows for a preservation and constant lighting for the exhibits. The project also utilises glass block infill to diffuse southern light entering the building and create a calm atmosphere. These combinations lead to a strict building form providing informative and educational space.   Читать далее