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Spartakovets stadium panorama

Located in a natural ravine, called Bearish corner, stadium is a frequently used as a venue for city festivals and processions. Three sides of the stadium are equipped with bleachers. During summer it is a place for tennis courts, football pitch and running track.

Стадион расположен в естественном овраге, т.н. Медвежем углу. Он часто выступает площадкой для проведения городских праздников и шествий. С трех сторон оборудован трибунами. Летом здесь работают тенисные корты, есть футбольное поле и беговые дорожки.


— What type of buildings surround the site?, houses, offices, educational or artistic institutions?
— What type of activities take place in the area?, leisure, tennis, running, work, lunch, art?
— What kind of people use & live in the area?, residents, students, travellers, sportspoeople, religuious attendees?


The types of the surrounding buildings are: houses, offices, Yaroslavl State Medical Academy, Garrison military hospital.
Now the activity of the existing stadium is: leisure, tennis, running, footbal e.t.c. Surrounding territory is more historical and touristic, it is the central part of the old city.
May be, it will be easier understand the functions of the territory using a special map (partially translated into English)
Spartacus Alive Map

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