Архив метки: Serbia

Invisible Rock

Invisible Rock / Milan Vujoviс / Serbia, Belgrade

Invisible Rock / Milan Vujoviс


The carefully studied elements of the site show a respectful awareness of the possible impact that a building of this scale and meaning could have on the surrounding area – a dialogue with its perimeters in an effort to fit into both the urban and the natural landscape. This ambiguous juxtaposition between the natural, and the urban, is reflected on the architectural design.

The building is structured in accordance to the topography on the location. So, energy is channeled to it out of the park on the one, and the Chuch of the Saviour at “Gorod” on the other side. The project is concentrated on the possibility of exploiting the topography and natural ground levels of the site area as a means of defining the morphology of the building.

Invisible Rock / Milan Vujoviс / 2


The new project is proposed as a mixture of many different activities and programmatic possibilities of the location. The stadium area (ravine) is divided in two equal parts. One of them, which is orientated toward the Chuch of the Saviour at “Gorod” is designed as an open, public field — City square. The other one is the building of New gallery (museum). Each of those parts is composed on bases of the square geometry. The dimensions of these squares are 54/54 m. The building unites many different spaces under one roof. The general concept was to create a multifunctional interior space that can be used in so many different ways. The central space of the building is a Great hall with the dimensions of 27/27/8 m under one span. The Great hall is designed to improve the variety of functional possibilities of the building which can be: fairs, sport events, temporary exhibitions, lectures, projections, concerts, cultural events… est.  Читать далее