Архив метки: Spain


3X1 / JAPA architects : Javier Ponce / Spain, Barcelona

Proposal description: 3 X 1 , a new concept of building flexibility based on people’s connections — Revitalising currently unattractive public space, intensification and diversification strategy.Site within the UNESCO zone — Yaroslavl, a historical city with 1 000 years of history. Our goal is to respect as much as possible the historical layer at a depth near 1 m as well as the maximum height of 2 m. above the existing ground level, the upper edge of the ravine. We see this competition as a opportunity to transform the existing site into a new cultural HUB which integrates 3 different variants of the architectural design of the existing space.3X1 / JAPA architects : Javier PonceA proposal which focuses on connections and on how people is going to use it today and in the future .An architectural solution that incorporates in its design the site’s DNA and the surrounding elements(History, water and nature).All this within a sustainable and respectful approach to the site’s heritage and history.This is the main reason why we decided not to deepen into the existing level of the ravine (preserve historical layer intact), also in order to reduce the construction budget.A landscaped surface treatment of the ravine slopes is proposed (Pedestrian ways — local vegetation). The new building will knit together the surrounding areas via pedestrian pathways and new connection bridges.On the other hand, we aim to take the concept of “Flexible space” to another level, not only by creating a Building that can change its interior spatial distribution at any given time, but one that at the same time integrates in its overall design 3 different general objectives: to be a container for Culture (Museums-exhibitions-festivals), to become a Memorial site surrounded by nature and, during Winter, to transform itself into an Ice skating rink for the people. The Building plan layout is planned to be an exhibition-demostration continuos space, which can be subdivided in order to held different uses such as exhibitions, festivals, museums or congresses.3X1 / JAPA architects : Javier Ponce / 2

The Floor plan will held the Museum of local lore (MLL), the new Yaroslavl Museum of Modern art (YMMA) and the Museum of history of the city (MH). A new water mirror memorial will be located on the upper part of the Building. The Water mirror Memorial is a tribute of remembrance and honor to the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash victims .The names of each of the the players, coaching staff and flight crew of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl tragedy are inscribed inside the reflecting pool as a powerful reminder. During Winter months, the water mirror will become an ice skating rink for the people.The design is highly sustainable, incorporating numerous passive and active means to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to create biodiversity.The challenge has been to ensure that this new 3 X 1 Cultural HUB meets the optimum design to position its performance as one of the foremost examples of building design in relation to sustainability whilst maximising the sense of comfort. We pretend the proposal to be a dynamic and inclusive one, where public space,the new building and the surrounding green consitute significant aspects of the area’s identity and attractiveness.The Project belongs to all. Implementation can be in small steps (Pashing strategy), but in the context of a viable long-term vision. Читать далее

Yaroslavl Panorama

Yaroslavl Panorama / Gonzalo Samaniego / Spain, Madrid

Yaroslavl Panorama / Gonzalo Samaniego


The location of the Yuniy Spartakovets has a privileged panoramic view of some of the most important churches in Yaroslavl. Its location in the very center of Yaroslavl means that the surrounding architecture is also visually attractive and of architectural and cultural significance.

The presence of this cultural heritage has shaped the concept of the design as a panoramic gallery that is used to showcase works of art, as well as the architecture around it. The building serves as a uninterrupted gallery where the visitor can walk and alternate between seeing the works of art exposed or seeing the buildings around without interruptions, and guarded from the elements, just as the visitor of a safari that watches the animals from his car.

Yaroslavl Panorama / Gonzalo Samaniego / 2


In order to create a panoramic path around the location and a semi-separate exhibition path, there are two floors at different levels. The upper floor (the panoramic path) is sloped at various angles (see sections and floor plan), following the slope of the terrain. The main exhibition path retains its level through most of the length of the gallery, with the exception of a slope that puts it at the same height as the panorama (making room for the entrance to the square underneath). These slopes ensure that the spectator is always at the same height in relation to the ground, to hold the same perspective of the Pochtovaya street. These slopes also ensure that the height of the building never goes over the 2,00 metres allowed. A lengthwise staircase joins both levels together while providing with an architectural separation.  Читать далее

The Myst Museum

The Myst Museum / Appareil : Edouard Cabay, Jin Shihui, Davis Butner / Spain, Barcelona

The Myst Museum / Appareil : Edouard Cabay, Jin Shihui, Davis Butner

The Myst Museum

A new museum for the city of Yaroslavl

Project: Naves
Location: Yaroslavl, Russia
Team: Edouard Cabay, Jin Shihui, Davis Butner

Mist is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air. It can occur as part of natural weather or volcanic activity, and is common in cold air above warmer water, in exhaled air in the cold, and in a steam room of a sauna. It can also be created artificially with aerosol canisters if the humidity conditions are right.

Mysticism is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, orconscious of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight.

The Myst Museum manifests its absence; it is light, floating in the air as a cloud, subtlety aligning with the ground yet framing a cathedral-like space where the light defies materiality.

The Myst Museum / Appareil : Edouard Cabay, Jin Shihui, Davis Butner / 2

The exquisite historical context, the structure of the city, the relation to nature, the proximity to the river, the intricate topography, the surrounding edifices and activities… many are the particularities of this site that invite its environing as a public space dedicated to culture.

Arguably, the museum already exists and we can consider that little would need to be transformed to transform this underused open space into the most prominent space of gathering and events of the city of Yaroslavl.  Читать далее