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Yaroslavl steps

Yaroslavl steps / Nontawat Jittrong, Rapat Jittrong / Thailand, Bangkok

Yaroslavl steps / Nontawat Jittrong, Rapat Jittrong

Reflection, re-framing and re-figure to recreate space — Overall concept; There are The Yaroslavl Spartacus’s Alive Project is located in one of UNESCO’s heritage site, surrounded by prominent historic buildings like church of the Saviour and Church of St Nicholas-at-Rubleny Gorod. The Spartacus project of museum and exhibition building will be integrated to the historic archeology. The key is to respect and reflect all of the prominent images to the project while incorporating with contemporary social life and function with constraint of the site. The conceptual design creates the use of the upper roof instead of excavating too deeply. The façade design concept of this project uses figure & ground, the absence of mass & space and the sense of place to be the main theme.

Yaroslavl steps / Nontawat Jittrong, Rapat Jittrong / 2

Prominent Reflected — The Roof; regarding the constraint of site, the height limit is not over 2 meters from the ravine. So the roof will be the reflecting pond mix with the multipurpose roof deck landscape area. This will create the reflect image of the historic buildings to the people around the project area. Apart from that, there will be nothing interfering the view of old town from the high point of this area. Moreover, it shows the respect to the great and historic building of Yaroslavl. The pond shapes refer to the outline figure of the dome combined to the board walk landscape of the roof slab. Visitors or neighbors are welcome to enjoy this view since this roof level is like a plaza that connect to the existing roads and the park on the east side. Moreover it would be a new dramatically romantic sunset view to watch the Church of Saviour and Church of St.Nicholas reflecting from the pond with the last glimmering light of the day.  Читать далее