Предпринимательство для архитекторов

Трёхдневный воркшоп-коучинг: Предпринимательство для архитекторов

Музей архитектуры организует ряд программ совместно с London Business Coaching разработанных для архитекторов, чтобы улучшить их предпринимательские навыки и способствовать коммерческому успеху.

Museum of architecture

Трёхдневный воркшоп по развитию бизнеса и маркетинга
Программа состоит из трех интенсивных однодневных семинаров маркетинга и развития бизнеса, которые будут работать в период с 24 сентября по 19 ноября, давая вам стратегии, которые можно применить немедленно.

Цель Программы
Эти практические семинары научит вас некоторым проверенным и простым коммерческим стратегиям, которые успешно подняли доход и прибыль многих аналогичных предприятий в течение последних восьми лет. Вам будет предложено реализовать их в своей практике.

Three day
Entrepreneurship for Architects Coaching Workshop

The Museum of Architecture is organising a number of programmes in conjunction with London Business Coaching designed to improve your entrepreneurial skills and commercial success. Email info@museumofarchitecture.org for more information.

Three Day Marketing & Business Development Workshop 
The programme consists of three intensive one-day marketing and business development workshops which will run between 24 September to 19 November giving you strategies you can apply immediately. 

Programme Objective 
These practical workshops will teach you some proven and simple commercial strategies that have successfully grown the revenue and profits of many similar businesses over the last eight years. You will be encouraged to implement these in your practice.

Key topics covered on this programme :

  • 20+ strategies to improve conversion of prospects into clients
  • How to define your target markets and ideal clients
  • How to handle issues with clients
  • The psychology and mind set of successfully winning work
  • How to define your USP and move away competing on the basis of fees
  • Lead generation top tips, including strategic partnerships, referral systems and the role of social media
  • How to achieve clarity on goals so that you understand what your marketing objectives need to be
  • How to create a simple numbers-based marketing plan
  • Importance of measuring marketing campaign results
  • Building trust and rapport
  • These are highly participative workshops, not an environment to simply sit back and listen.

Workshop Dates — lunch and tea breaks included
Session 1 — Wednesday 24 September (9am — 5:30pm)
Session 2 — Wednesday 29 October (9am — 5:30pm)
Session 3 — Wednesday 19 November (9am — 5:30pm)
It is possible to participate in only one or two workshops if you cannot attend the full programme.

Suitable for: 
Any practice owner or senior team member genuinely committed to applying the education provided.

Your workshops will be run By Parag Prasad, one of London’s leading business coaches

Fee £250 per day. Please note that we are offering a special introductory rate of £175 for the September Workshop.

What other practice owners say about the programme…
«The course has been an invaluable help to us maturing into a more responsible and future focused company. I now understand how to better manage my time, the team’s performance, and have set tools for future growth».
— Tyen Masten, Phase 3 Architecture

«I would recommend this coaching programme to every architect I meet. It’s been inspiring to discover that an architecture practice can also be a successful and profitable business. The programme has helped us gain a much better understanding of our business, and how we can grow both financially and creatively. It has not only helped us develop a clear understanding of our goals, but also makes us focus on how to achieve those. It is also beneficial to have discussions specifically based on the pre-conceptions of the profession — far too many of which are accepted without being questioned»
— Catherine Pease, co-Founder, vPPR Architects

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