Топ премии устойчивого строительства: Holcim Awards

Топ премии устойчивого строительства для контекстных и устойчивых проектов в Австрии, Франции и Италии
Проекты-победители из премии Holcim Awards 2014 для Европы показывают, как устойчивое строительство продолжает развиваться — разрабатывая более сложные и междисциплинарные ответы на вызовы, стоящие перед строительной промышленностью.

Holcim Awards

Проект по восстановлению окружающей среды на побережье Южной Италии, который соединяет природу со следами деятельности человечека выиграл главный приз. Архитекторы — Франциско Лейва из Grupo Aranea (Испания) и Марко Скарпинато из AutonomeForme (Италия) интегрировали процесс восстановления в районе, который был загрязнён во время индустриальной эпохи. Форма смены экосистем генерирует затопленную местность, наполненную флорой и фауной, с особым акцентом на перелетных птиц.

Премия Holcim

Top sustainable construction awards for resilient and contextual projects in Austria, France and Italy

The winning projects of the Holcim Awards 2014 for Europe illustrate how sustainable construction continues to evolve – developing more sophisticated and multi-disciplinary responses to the challenges facing the building and construction industry.

An environmental remediation project on the coast of Southern Italy that connects nature with the imprints of humanity won the top prize. Architects Francisco Leiva of Grupo aranea (Spain) and Marco Scarpinato of AutonomeForme (Italy) integrate the process of restoration in an area that has been degraded during the industrial age. The shape-shifting ecosystem generates a flooded landscape filled with flora and fauna, with a special focus on migrating birds.

A building that will host a mix of activities including indoor and outdoor sports facilities, cafés, street terraces and a pedestrian square on the new university campus of Paris-Saclay received the Holcim Awards Silver. Gilles Delalex, Yves Moreau and Thomas Wessel-Cessieux from Muoto architects (France) have designed a minimal structure that uses rough materials, robust and long-lasting techniques, and vertical stacking to superimpose different activities above one another.

An urban design project in Vienna that identifies a set of rules for establishing a sustainable urban neighborhood received the Holcim Awards Bronze. The urban plan by Enrique Arenas, Luis Basabe and Luis Palacios of Arenas Basabe Palacios arquitectos(Spain) uses a framework of gardens for the project’s physical and social development. The approach establishes a minimally-invasive intervention that will develop over time according to the needs of the community at every stage.

Honorable Mention to energy-efficient office building in Holderbank, Switzerland – Acknowledgement prizes for materials projects from Belgium and Germany – “Next Generation” prizes for project visions in Austria, France, Ireland, Russia and Spain.

The Holcim Awards ceremony in Moscow for the competition region Europe was the first presentation of winners in a series of events with others to be held in Toronto (for North America), Medellín (for Latin America), Beirut (for Africa Middle East) and Jakarta (for Asia Pacific). The projects that receive Holcim Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze in each region automatically qualify for the Global Holcim Awards 2015.

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