Премия Global Holcim Awards

Глобальные премии Holcim Awards даны проектам, которые улучшают жизнь сообщества.
Победители 4-го Глобального конкурса Holcim Awards, в интересах устойчивого строительства, были определены — призовой фонд в размере 350 000 USD будет разделён между авторами проектов из Колумбии, Шри-Ланки и США. Все три призовых проекта предлагают архитектурные мероприятия, которые обеспечат ощутимые выгоды для местных общин.

Премия Global Holcim Awards

Оборотный резервуар для очистки воды в парке в Медельине завоевал золото (слева); Проект восстановления социальной ткани с помощью библиотечного сообщества Амбепусса, исследующего гражданскую войну в Шри-Ланке выиграл серебро (в центре); и проект создания общественных зон для защиты от наводнения на острове Манхэттен завоевал бронзовую (справа).

Global Holcim Awards for projects that improve communities

The winners of the 4th Global Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction have been decided – the trophies and USD 350,000 prize money go to projects in Colombia, Sri Lanka and the USA. All three prizes recognize architectural interventions that deliver tangible benefits to local communities.

Turning a water reservoir into public space

A project for a public park in Medellín, Colombia that creates urban spaces around a series of water tanks to form a “socio-technical” landscape of magnificent beauty won the gold prize. The design by Mario Camargo and Luis Tombé of Colectivo720 in Cali together with Juan Calle and Horacio Valencia of EPM Group (Empresas Públicas de Medellín), all Colombia opens up hidden infrastructure within the city to create a civic space at the intersection of architecture, landscape, infrastructure, and urban design. The public space and pre-existing elements are transformed to create an outdoor auditorium and venues for a range of community activities that highlight the value of water as an important resource of urban life.

Building post-war skills through a community library

Silver was awarded to a project in the rural town of Ambepussa near Colombo that aims to reintegrate soldiers into post-war Sri Lankan society. The community library byMilinda Pathiraja and Ganga Ratnayake of Robust Architecture Workshop in Colombo is made of rammed-earth walls and recycled materials. With the support of the army, young men were coached in building techniques through the construction process.

The “Dryline” protection and additional public amenities

A large-scale, integrated flood protection system to address the vulnerability of New York City to coastal flooding won the Global Holcim Awards Bronze. The “Dryline” project by a consortium headed by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group (Copenhagen/New York) andOne Architecture (Amsterdam) proposes a protective ribbon in Southern Manhattan using a series of raised berms and other measures to create public spaces along the water’s edge. The infrastructural barrier incorporates a range of neighborhood functions that foster local commercial, recreational, and cultural activities.

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