Q: I’m from Bulgaria and study architecture in «UACEG» ( www.uacg.bg )

I have several questions about your competition.
  1. What is award of this competition?
  2. If I want to participate in the workshop — who will pay for travel cost to  Ярославль, пос. Толга, and for my accommodation, food, daily cost, ect.
  3. Can I work in a team to make the project for a competition.

A: the award is the publication on websites of our media partners (see: http://cih.ru/j2/p53c.html) and in Russian architectural magazines + prizes from our sponsors (it will be known after negotiations).

We can pay travel cost, accommodation, food, daily cost, ect. only for winners of the competition.

You can make a competition project in a team.

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  1. You mention paying the travel costs for winners. Is this limited to Russian/European participants or anyone?

    I ask because I am located in Australia and would like to try my luck and enter if there is a chance at such an interesting prize.

    Thank you

    1. Yes, we’ll try to pay travel costs for every winner, but it depends of our sponsors. We will contact you in advance and will solve this question, if you become a winner.

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