Claudia Sandra Luca — House on the shore

Claudia Sandra Luca, dr. arch. Valentin Luca / Timisoara, Romania / House on the shore 

Клаудиа Сандра Лука, д-р. арки. Валентин Лука / Тимишоара, Румыния / Дом на берегу

1. Theme: a small house for a couple

For this project it is used the site nr.1 which presumes a passage between Bath-house and the  construction that is going to be built.

2. Concept and estethics

The house opening towards the water is revealed by the large windows which make the link between the surrounding natural landscape and the living-room area. The entire facade that faces the water is flanked by a great shader device meant to protect it from sun overheating. The interior space is organised around the L shape stairs and the chimney located under, the floating steps being placed on the same axis with the terrace door. The kitchen is located on one side of the living-room. The bedroom is located at the raised level; whitin the bedroom area  is included an inner balcony which allows the viewer to observe the living-room and the outside landscape.

The interior is open-plan, the only restricted area being the bathroom. The glass facade connects the interior with the exterior, providing the viewer a wonderful panorama over the pond. The terrace provides extra space for the minimal residence.. The interior-exterior link is also revealed by the main axis of the stairs doubled by the purple wall that starts from the exterior terrace and runs along the stair, creating a soft curve side that contains the chimney, and by the use of the same flooring material. The square openings within this purple wall allow the light from the fire-flames of the fire-place to be observed while sitting on the couch. Two trees are proposed to be planted in the key points, in order to be perceived in a frame-like manner (through the window in the entrance axis), as well as zen-view (through the „opening” between the main volume and the exterior purple wall). While approaching the entrance, the wooden frame captures the view over the pond. The slopes of the roofing, as well as the one of the wall placed on the site border, they all head to the water, as a response to the „weight” of the pond in the design of the house.

3. Functions

-living room=14,56m2








-passage to the bathhouse=1,19m2

Ground floor area=29m2 , Raised level area=15,83m2

Total area=44,83m2

4. Structure

The basic structure of the house is made by wood — a 100% eco material —  with sandwich walls built on site (wooden pillars and joists, plus planks at 60 cm intervals). The wood used for this purpose is to be considered local material, easy to construct with and also low cost.


5. Materials

All materials (interior/exterior details and structure) are ecological, with a very low impact over the environment,  also they are long-lasting, with colours and textures that fitt well within the context. The wall cladding is made with larch-wood, which is a local material very recommanded for exterior because it is water-proof, also having a great resistance to moisture when it comes in direct contact with the earth. Another issue taken into account is that the larch tree has the property of fast growing.

The panels used for the facade cladding are made from weathering steel.This way the house is like a living organism that changes  its aspect in time. The old and used aspect of the Cor-Ten panels helps the building to integrate itself in the surrounding environment.

The insulation of the house is made with sheep-wool, a natural material with excellent thermic and phono features, an ecological material that has the property to keep its shape unchanged. Also the sheep-wool has the property to eliminate  the formaldehide from the air. It also has an excellent   value for thermic conductivity λ = 0.0356 W / mK.

 — winner (3rd place)


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