Jelena Knežević — Black Box

Jelena Knežević,  Dušan Tasić,  Boris Mićić /  Belgrade, Serbia / Black Box

Елена Кнежевич, Душан Тасис, Борис Мичич / Белград, Сербия / «Чёрная коробка»

Project description for Social Housing Revolution competition

1. Location and orientation

The house is located on territory of city of Yaroslavl, on a site bordering the lake, near the river Volga. The house is positioned on the south-west direction of the site, with longer — main facade oriented that way, because of the amount of sunlight present.

2. Capacity and area

The house is a two-storey building and provides two apartments with homing capacity of 3 (4) people, with each apartment area of 22.52 m2, which makes the total area of 55.64 m2. The project provided conversion the existing bathhouse and its re-use as home bathrooms. In case of exceeding the limits of budget construction costs it is suggested and predicted to build ground floor only.

3. Form

Black Box is designed to stand as a simple cubic form with combinations of large window areas in order to obtain large amounts of sunlight, especially in winter months, with a goal to meet all functional and formal parameters. The choice of rectangular shape was determined by the demand for a solution whose construction would be easy, fast, efficient and cheap, therefore we believe that the extended cube meet this important requirement.

4. Structure

The basic structural system consists of concrete single foundations conceted with concrete beams and a wooden skeletal system. South-western corner of the facade of the building has a separate structural system made of aluminum frames, which thus stiffens the field between the wooden and concrete construction work. Roof has gabled structure form with slope angle of 15 degrees.

5. Materials

External walls are covered with vertical wooden panels with black polish, while the interior walls are painted white. Tiles in all kitchens, bathrooms and toilets are designed to be black, to match the façade. The final layer of the ground and first floor is parquet. Dark asphalt shingle is providing the roof covering, at the same time complementing the story of the Black Box.

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