José Antonio JUAN MARÍN — 2 is better than 1

José Antonio JUAN MARÍN, Patricia SALVADOR GALIANA / Valencia, Spain / 2 is better than 1
Хосе Антонио Хуан Марин, Патриция Сальвадор Галиана / Валенсия, Испания / 2 лучше 1

Since we decided to participate in Social Housing Revolution in Yaroslavl competition we thought it would be interesting to interact with the existing. That is the reason choosing the plot of land next to the actual bathhouse was evident.

The main idea of the proposal is designing a minimal housing unit by reinterpreting a simple pitched roof house, a current construction all over the area of intervention.

The project consists of two perpendicular pieces. The main and new constructed one is located facing the water and it is where life happens. The second and existing one contains a boiler room and the bathroom.

Regarding its construction; cheap, long-lasting, recycled materials have been privileged in order to achieve a sustainable project minimizing maintenance and maximizing performance. The constructive solution consists of an outside trombe-green wall that controls interior. A series of solar thermal panels on the roof and a system for collecting rainwater have been also installed to make this proposal self-sufficient.

The project has been conceived for the adaptability of different housing typologies by adding and overlapping multiples units. Final proposal size depends on the needs of the user, from a single-family house to a big block of dwellings.

 — project in the shortlist


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