nmaxu Prize

Объявление лауреата премии ПТАХИ.

Рассказывает Михаил Кудряшов.

Architectural bureau «nmaxu» announced a special prize for the most original and creative project for the competition Revolution of Social Housing. The prize is $ 300 + ArtMoney «nmaxu-money» in the same or higher amount.

Архитектурное бюро ПТАХИ объявило специальный приз за самый оригинальный и творческий проект для конкурса Революция социального жилья. Приз составит $300 + артмани «Птахи-деньги» на ту же или большую сумму.

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  3. sir, how i get this award, i don’t get any email of it
    you select me for namxu award i am from india so please give information of that

    very very thankful for this to give me this award……….

    1. Dear Raj Yamgar,

      We need your bank account information, so that we can transfer the sum of your prize to you.

      (I have re-sent you an e-mail with your diploma from x-4@ya.ru (which was sent July 4, 2012). Please, check your mail.)

  4. Getting selected for the international competition was very unexpected and amazing. And getting the special prize was like a dream come true. This is my first project and got this prize its a great experience. Finally, I would like to
    extend my gratitude to http://cih.ru ‘SOCIAL REVOLUTION’ (nmaxu)
    for making my dream come true.


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