Homes Sweet Homes

Homes Sweet Homes / Iva Markovic, Jovana Petrovic / Serbia, Belgrade / Архитектурный объект

Homes Sweet Homes

Purpose: Architectural object/ Pavillions for everyone

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Concept of the project:  

The main idea of this design is to introduce a home atmosphere of everyday life of people  from Jaroslav to a public space, and convey their messages on how people feel in their homes. Borrowing children`s visual representation of the family house whose visual terms are introduced into to the park. With this architectural concept, authors are inclined to initiate the idea of ​​architectural education of population, where their involvement in the program is to promote architecture of everyday life going through the activity of decorating, spatial organization and realization of individual space (house/pavillion). It is also encouraged that users donate the necessary furniture for the pavillions, so they can organize the new spaces themselves. In addition, it would be allowed to exchange the donated furniture, and in that way we can have an understanding of the architectural styles of the inhabitants of this Russian city.

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This architectural experiment, which is entitled «give and take», could be the beginning point in researching these pavilions, and observing them through sociological, anthropological, and aesthetic point of view. Setting architecture as tool in the study of social and individual behavior in time in which we live. This concept has the potential of forming a serious cultural study through a case study «Homes Sweet Homes» in the study of the public spaces and places where the main task of observing their relationships with potential customers. At the same time as a meeting place can give us a review of the behavior of modern man in intimate spaces, and how individuals and groups perceive certain areas of their home

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With continued giving and taking various items from everyday life we would experience changes in the structure of small homes,  where the users take role in its continued transformatio. The key issue is how society consumes urbanized public green spaces, precisely how people spend their free time in the park under the newly created conditions?

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The estimated cost of the project:  Aproximaty 1000$

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