Transitional Space

Transitional Space / Sebastiao Celestino / United Kingdom, London / Архитектурный объект

Transitional Space interior

Transitional Space

Purpose: Art Installation that may hold public events, and contemplation by the passby users.

Transitional Space / 2

Цель данного проекта – сконструировать арт-инсталляцию, которая бы стала площадкой для массовых мероприятий и местом отдыха и общения горожан.

«Переходное пространство» для встреч и общественных мероприятий. Проект поднимает проблемы гравитации в дизайне, пропорций и гармонии. Первоочередная задача – создать одновременно устойчивое и неустойчивое пространство. Используя свет и прозрачность для создания ощущения «переходного пространства», создается конструкция, которая является одновременно статичной и динамичной с точки зрения пользователей.

Главная идея основана на одной из наиболее важных современных концепций культурной взаимосвязанности. Форма напоминает деревянные коробки, использующиеся для транспортировки грузов по всему миру. Такой бытовой объект, взятый за основу, удовлетворяет двум основным характеристикам дизайна: простоте и функциональности. Коробка служит символом жизненно важных грузов, транспортируемых по всему свету, которые связывают друг с другом людей разных культур и сообществ.

Данная арт-инсталляция совмещает образы городской революции с одной стороны и устойчивости и стабильности – с другой. Единство формы и функции базового объекта гармонично объясняет изменения на городской карте.

Город – это уравнение с постоянными (географическое расположение, реки, ландшафт) и переменными (осадки, свет, время года). Между тем, постоянное становится временным: под действием человека реки меняют очертания, холмы и горы выравниваются в процессе застройки пространства, и эти два понятия размываются. Так и наш объект может одновременно служить и общественным местом, и площадкой для мероприятий, и беседкой для уединенного созерцания, меняя свои свойства в зависимости от задач и  оставаясь при этом естественным и экологически чистым местом.

Concept of the project: Transitional meeting and public events simultaneously. Rises problems in terms of gravitational force and structure design. Uses light and transparence to create a transitional space which is both solid and liquid in terms of users experience. 

Transitional Space /3

Technical description: 5mx15m, 12% inclined space made from timber structure members and externally clad with recycled timber panels and internally with polished stainless steel sheets.

The estimated cost of the project: $3000.00

Transitional Space interior 2

The transitional space.  

The proposal main idea is based on the concept of cultural inter connectivity which is one of the most valued aspect of our modernity, this common identity has been universalizing the way that humans deal with nature not just as the support for life but also as the provider of raw materials. This aspect is symbolized through a timber box reminiscent of shipping containers that are constantly used to connect us through the transportation of goods around the world. The shipping container box has two main design characteristics, simples and strong on its external structure and detailed and protective on its interior arrangement. The combination of these two features permits it to efficiently exercise its function of moving around life saving goods around the world therefore connecting societies in a never-ending relationship.

Transitional Space masterplan

The proposed public art installation makes this parallelism with the urban revolution and sustainability that are needed on our cities which in some extent have to be structurally planned to support mankind live on its multiple aspects in line with our most valued desire; to be happy and fulfilled when protecting and enlacing the environment. This unity of form and function is employed to propose a new system of urban entity where the space constantly re configure itself in away of supporting any kind of activity that is necessary. Mathematically, the space is a constant that satisfy an infinity number of equations with multiple variables and this is done through a combination of Euclidean and No Euclidean types of spaces; orthogonal and curved entities.

Transitional Space / plan

Therefore, the parameters applied to define the object’s architectural typology were taken from the environment resources that forms the city and the large region, those are: the hydrologic system composed by the meeting of rivers, the trees and vegetations that characterized the land and the urban networking, the linearity and historic arrangement of the city’s form specially around the area of intervention, day light and its effects on the local context, neighborhood buildings with their textures and colors.

Transitional Space / facade

All these features are used in away of programming a space that is defined as transitional in terms of the experience that users may feel. Therefore, it is solid and liquid type of environment simultaneously; it develops on the ground’s gardens and ends along the top of the trees. Furthermore, the proposed art installation is configured to be experienced as open and closed kind of space where one may be in a private context that is simultaneously public.

Transitional Space / 4

The simplicity of details becomes very complex through a mathematical progression of numbers that multiplies itself through the reflection of the internal decoration and all the external entities on site. It is the multiplication of life through variation and adaptability compared to the river’s microbiological organisms arranged as biological soup that moves along,

fertilizing the land to germinate living organisms that are most need for humans. The design moves away from the segmentation or fragmentation through function of traditional cities and proposed a new kind of city where the space becomes a variable that transforms itself according to needs, if an inclined type of space is need then the same-leveled space becomes inclined. This is in line with our next social revolution that will be characterized by freedom of molecular arrangement on materials meaning that through molecular arrangement we will be able to transform the property of materials, from rock we may produce plastic.



Transitional Space / 5

On this exercise, we have been focused on exploring the idea of unity and inter connectivity of entities in a large scale so to form a sensitive and constantly changing unity of environmental friendly object that is harmoniously integrated with its immediate context. Its space arrangement is done in away that the users are invited to put themselves on a podium so to be contemplated and also to contemplate others or the landscape. This is what an eco friendly futuristic life is: I am others and others are myself through the unity of diversity that is equilibrated by the physics of nature through the continuity space.


Transitional Space / 5

Some technical drawings

Transitional Space / details


Transitional Space / details /2


Transitional Space / details / 3


Transitional Space / details 4


Transitional Space / details 6


Transitional Space / details / 7


C E L E S T I N O   SOUSA    S E B A S T I A O

896A Garratt Lane

London SW11 0NB

Telf: 02086723273 Mobile 07951790121





I am a BIM minded ARB PART II architectural assistant with over 15 years experience on delivering multi-million building projects and master plans from inception to post-construction stage both in the UK and abroad. I have an excellent understanding and experience on professional practice and management extending from architectural services appointment and building procurement methods especially under JCT family of contracts; traditional and design and build. I have developed a dynamic and negotiable approach concerning the planning process (including listed buildings and conservation areas consents), building regulations, building energy rating, CDM regulations and specification writing under NBS format. I have a pragmatic and innovative approach in terms of conceptual design and research combined with strong knowledge of construction detailing and processes that allows me to produce high standard of presentation materials and technical documents to satisfy legal requirements, budgets’ constrains and to meet deadlines. I possess advanced working practices in terms of IT compassing multiple packages both 2D and 3D. I am an organized individual with a friendly and confident attitude who has developed his career through team working practices.  




Ÿ Over 15 years experience as architectural assistant.

Ÿ Excellent understanding of Spatial Syntax and its use on Town Planning and Design.

Ÿ Comprehensive knowledge of UK construction industry;

Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Building Act 1984 and its approved documents,

The CDM regulations 2007,

Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act amendment 2011,

BREEAM rating and Code of Sustainable Homes, Secured by Design

RIBA Standard Agreement 2010 and fees structure,

Standard forms of building contracts,

Health and Safety

The architects Act 1997

The Code of conduct

Architects Code of Conduct 2010

Ÿ Aware of sustainability design in terms of;

Design research,

Practice management,


Building contracts.

Ÿ Excellent project management, from A to M of RIBA Plan of Work Stages.

Ÿ Excellent understanding of HBN (Health Building Notes) and HTM (Hospital Technical Memorandums).

Ÿ Advanced BIM (Building Information modelling) skills with Autodesk REVIT, Graphisof ARCHICAD combined

with Autodesk 3D Studio Max for generating no standard family objects.

Ÿ Capable of producing high standard of presentation materials for both master plans and building design


3D Studio Max,



Ÿ Technical capacity to produce construction details and technical notes using Autodesk AUTOCAD

Ÿ High Standard on writing technical documents using MICROSOFT OFFICE package.

Ÿ Experience in building structures and services.

Ÿ Excellent Office management skills

Ÿ Excellent problem solving and inter personal skills




Self-Employed and Consultant (JU Studio) – 2009 / Ongoing

• Design for Guicha’s detached family home, Angola. $120.000.00. In construction.

• Design for river front esplanade re-adaptation and improvement from 65th Street to 120th street and the

adjacent Franklin D Roosevel, East Side, USA. International competition.

• Design proposal for Horton Plaza improvement and re- adaptation, International competition, USA. Finalist

Published and exhibited.

• HIV/AIDS and TB controlled low cost detached family house prototype for Kay Santen nan Ayiti (Haiti). On

going international competition by Archive Institute. $3.000 per unit.

• Master Plan for the regeneration of Roque Santeiro Market (market of design and art-crafts), Angola

(International Competition) by Open-gap Architecture Network.

• Design for a countryside family house for a design minded client in Luanda, Angola. Design and Build procurement method. Built £135.000.00 budget.

generator initiative) (Finalist for Specialist Magazine Publication). Mathematic model is being developed.

• Pireus Tower (22 multi-story building) façade renovation and urban integration into the surrounding urban

space. International competition by Greek Architects.

• Design for the Pavilion of Post-contemporary curating at Scarsdale Hall, Derbyshire. International competition

organized by the Centre of Attention. Finalist selected for publication and exhibited at Wirksworth Festival

(2010) and Rio Cinema (2011). £3 million.  

• Design for The National Art Museum, Oslo – International Competition by The Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

Elaboration of an IFC 3D model for environment and fluid computer testing.

• Design for Centre Pier, Galway Harbour, Ireland. International competition organized by RIAI.

• Feasibility study and schematic design for the Angolan Ministry of Defense on low cost housing development

for handicap veterans of war. Conceptual design stage approved. $25.000.00 per unit.


Assistant Architect — 08 / 07  (12 Months Contract)

Floyd Slaski London

• Design for 2 Cardio-Thoracic Operating Theatres and associated post anesthetic critical care unit areas for

Royal Brampton and Harefield Trust.  (Planning approval, Building regulations and Construction detailing)

Built. £500.000.00 budget.

• Refurbishment/ Re Adaptation of grade II Georgian building at 53 Harley Street into a modern private clinical

trial centre for London Clinic. A multi-story building with total budget of £4 million. (External envelop repairing

and internal space planning). Built.  £1.3 million budget.

• Design for Total office refurbishment at Canary Wharf, London, Refurbishment and Offices space

adaptation including a new refreshment zone). Built £120.000.00.


Assistant Architect – 07 (4 months Contract)

Aukettt Fitzroy Robison London

• Design development for Arc Bury St Edmunds mixed use development comprising of housing, concert hall,

restaurant and retail. Multi-story buildings. Total budget of £160 million. Built


Assistant Architect — 07  (7 months Contract)

Mountford Pigott – London

• Design development for Ramsgate Leisure Park: Comprising ten screen multiplex cinema, casino, bingo and

3 restaurants. Total budget £120 millions. (Construction detailing). Built

• Design development for deluxe 4 star St Gregory Hotel Shoreditch, London (new extension), comprising of

70 luxurious guest rooms. (Building Regulations and construction detailing). Built  


Assistant Architect — 06/07  (6 months Contract)

Stride Treglown — London

• Design development for 12No. student accommodation buildings, at Uxbridge campus for Brunel University,

London. Total Budget of £22million. (Site management and trees protection plan, construction detailing).


• Design for a Biomedical research laboratory (Welcome Trust), Cambridge. Total budget £1.8 million. Built,

• Refurbishment for the DNA research laboratory (Welcome Trust), Cambridge. Total budget £800.000. Built.

• Design concept for planning consent for Amesham Station Road housing development. Total budget of £4.5

million, four-story and high specified building comprising 36 apartments and associated facilities.

• Design for Barclay’s private banking office refurbishment at Canary Wharf. Total budget of £6million, 4 story

building. Built.


Assistant Architect – 05 (9 months contract)

 Scurr and Partners, St. Albans, UK

Ÿ Construction detailing for Fleet senior living home. Total budget,  £16 millions, multi-story building. Built

Ÿ Construction detailing for Esher senior living home. Total budget, £13 million, one story building. Built  

Ÿ Design for Mobbley Senior Care Home, Mobbley. Total budget of £23 million, 3storey building. Built


Architectural Technician – 04 (Work Placement through the Metropolitan University, London – Unpaid work)

Homes for Islington, London

Ÿ Maintenance and Repair design for Red Brick State, London, with total budget of £2 million. Built.

Ÿ Maintenance and Repair design for Bremerton Estate (Phase I, II, III), London. Total    budget of £8million.



Architectural Technician  — 2003/2004 (Work Placement through the Metropolitan University, London – Unpaid

work) Building Solution for Islington

Ÿ Maintenance, repair and refurbishment design for Highbury House, London. Total budget of £3million, 4 story

building. Built

Ÿ Refurbishment design for Cefen Chapel, Wales. Total budget of £1.1 million, 2 story building. Built

Ÿ Maintenance design for Canonbury State maintenance, London. Total budget of £1.2 million, 3 story building.


Ÿ Refurbishment design for The African and Asian Community Centre training kitchen, Finsbury Park, London.

Total budget of 650.000, one-story building. Built

• Design for the world first gravitational field power station, Dubai. International competition by LAGI (Land art

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