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FAQ 12

Q: i d like some extra information concerning the workshop at yaroslavl!
do the teams have to send an email to someone to confirm their participation to the workshop?
can participate at the workshop even if the project for the competition won’t be
ready by this time??
and also can you tell me a little more about the places where the teams could stay at yaroslavl and what are the rates?do you offer some kind of accommodation?

A: Yes, if you want to participate in the workshop (not just in competition), please send us an email with number of participants, names and where are you from to x-4@ya.ru to confirm, so we can plan the number of participants.

If you want to participate in the workshop — please, make a minimum project (your vision of the social house), so that it could be a topic for discussion at the workshop.

You can see hotel prices in Yaroslavl here: http://cih.ru/l/6k ($50-100 per day — 1 rouble = $0.032)
But we are negotiating with partners and we’ll try to offer special low prices. (As an option — camping on the construction site if the weather will be good).

FAQ 10

Q: Greetings team organizer, i see your publication about the Social Revolution competition and this is very interesting, and i congratulate you by the approach about the importance of the sustentable aspect in the architectonical proposals. I have some questions about the competition and please i expected you can solve them.
1) Do you give some digital constance or digital certificate to participants in other countries?
2) Where i can watch more pictures about the specific intervention site and it’s context?
3) Can i propose freely the new building’s program?
This are my questions and thank you!

A: Thank you for your questions!

1. Yes, we’ll give digital certificates to all participants of the competition from all countries.
2. You can download more pictures from the site, that showing it’s context here.
In the near future we will create a special page where you can find and download all the additional materials about the site.
3. Yes, you can propose new building’s program.

Competition rules

More details & Русская версия.

Competition is international.

Deadline: April, 29 2012

Project submission by e-mail: x-4@ya.ru.

  • You can send up to 15 Mb in one message, but no more than 5 messages (you can also use file sharing for big and HiRes files, simply by sending us the link).
  • You can send your project in PDF or JPG with a text description of the project in the DOC / RTF.
  • Each project must be submitted no more than on 5 sheets of A3 size (one sheet — one file with the appropriate number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Before start your project you must read the design task. (Will be translated more carefully soon).

The project must include (* — required items):

  • * Main image — the cover of the project: photomontage showing the house in the landscape. We recommend to use the view from the water.
  • * Plans, sections and elevations at scale of 1:50 or 1:100.
  • * Images of the building: day or night views, sketches, exterior and interior pictures (number of pictures — at the discretion of the author).
  • * Description of the project, if necessary — with illustrations.
  • sketch schemes — functional / design / technology, circuit nodes, building materials, infographics: course of your thoughts, expressed graphically.
  • any additional material on the choice of the author, for example, you can send the video (AVI / MOV).

The number of works (projects) from one participant is not limited.

Some inputs:

  •  Area of the house: 40-90 sq.m.
  •  Number of floors: no more than 3 floors
  •  Construction cost: $ 9000
  •  Weather conditions: from -30°C (-22°F) in the winter to +30°C (86°F) in summer
  •  Location of the house on the shore

for more details, please see the task and 3D-model of the environment (format: google SketchUp 7, 1:1).

We’ll answer all your questions here.