Two weeks public voting in a progress (you can vote, using Facebook like and retweet buttons).
After the vote, we will have a meeting with the owner of the restaurant where we will take a final decision.
Final results will be announced on a May 8.

This is official blog of «Gourmanization of the space» (Architecture & Food) contest. If your are a potential participant of this competition, you can ask any questions here. Organizers will share insider information about competition in this blog.

You can ask everything as a comment of this or any other post in this blog. See also necessary information about realization of the best project. Our e-mail:

The competition consists of two parts: a conceptual and practical:
Conceptual part: participants are invited to make sketches of their vision of interaction between architecture and food for the exhibition and publication.
Project for realization: design for a terrace/veranda and summer pavilions of the cafe + additional drawings.


Блог конкурса Гурманизация срЕды, создан для того, чтобы потенциальные участники могли задать вопросы по конкурсу, а организаторы — поделиться инсайдерской информацией.

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  1. 1 — Is it needed a previous registration before the final date or its only needed to send when submiting the project?

    2 — For the realization project, the winner will after produce more drawings for its realization or should it send all the drawings needed?

    3 — To this point «we ask you to give a sketch of the facade modernization / reconstruction», is it meant to be a reconstruction of the full facade of the old building?

    4 — Will there be any cad files with the functioning interiors of the restaurant?

    kind regards

    • 1 — You can send the registration form together with the project. But we would be grateful if you send it before for the reasons of organization the exhibition of the projects.
      2 — for the realization project, you must submit only drawings that are listed in the task. You can also add any information and project drawings — at your discretion. Realization will be done by the construction company.
      3 — Yes, this means the reconstruction of the two facades of the old building. We will publish the scans of all facades soon. Now you can see more information on the facades of the materials for download and on the 3D model.
      4 — You can find a schematic plan of the restaurant in AutoCAD here and interior photos here. We will publish a functional scheme of the restaurant later.

  2. 1. Is there a budget for the construction? If there is, how much is it and what does it include? (the veranda, the pavilions, the facade, furniture ??)

    2. You ask for a facade reconstruction/modernization? Do you mean only the facade of the restaurant in the yellow marked area or the facades of the whole five storey building?
    If it is the facades of the whole building, will this reconstruction/modernization be included in the realization?

    3. What hours does the restaurant operate? Is it only for the office employees? How much time do the employee’s have for their launch breaks? (or any other breaks for food)

    4. Do we select or design the furniture (chairs, tables ext)?

    • 1. The budget includes only bilding materials for the veranda and pavilions.
      2. The budget don’t includes facade modernization costs. It have extra budget. We mean the reconstruction of the whole facade of the five storey building. You can see the state of the facade on the photo. The reconstruction of the facade will be held later than the main construction of pavilions and veranda.
      3. The restaurant is open for all residents of the city, not only for the employees of the office. Working hours: from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
      4. You can make design or selection of the furniture in addition to your project (not obligatory).

  3. Thank you for the reply. I have already seen interior photos, however exterior and surrounding photos are crucial for terrace and pavillions design.

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