Q: We would like to enter the competition, and we have a few questions? How to register and who are eligible? and what format should we submit our work? 

A: You can download Registration form and send it to: nmaxu@ya.ru
Competition is open for:  Architects, Architecture students, Art students, Artists, Design students, Designers, Facade planners, Interior design students, Interior designers, Landscape architects, Landscape architecture students, Landscape planners / Environmental planners, Lighting designers, Structural engineers.

The best format for your project is: 1—3 boards (size: A2) in PDF for Architecture & food conceptual project
and not less, then 3 boards (A2, PDF) for real project.
You can make conceptual project (only for exhibition / publication) or the project for realization + 1 conceptual board.
Also you’ll need to send a text description 1—2 pages A4 (PDF or DOC).

Q: i would like some more inforamtions about this competition, regarding participation and fees…

A: Participation is free (no fees), you only need to register.

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  1. We have two parts of the competition one conceptual and one real. (conceptual project and real project)
    Do both parties must participate in or every one? What is the prize of the concept project?

    Should make buildings or parts of snacks, hot and dessert? But conceptually, real or just make something that looks like a dessert or a snack? Not understood.

    Are there plans in autocad area restaurant? Is not there more information on 3D in Archicad?

    Should I make a separate application for each competition? ( conceptual and real )
    What is the exact area of terrace?


    • You’ll have to send both parts as a single project. Your real project should be an extension of your concept. If your concept is different from the real project, you can send it as a separate project. The number of projects from one participant is not limited. (See the rules for details: http://cih.ru/food/ru.html ).
      You should not use direct metaphors for design, your project does not have to be visually similar to the snack.
      We haven’t plans of the restaurant in AutoCAD. I can export a 3D model to Archicad for you. I’ll publish a link here soon.
      The exact area of terrace is 75 m2.

      • Greetings.
        a) The sketch plan, the distance of 18 meters is wrong. Because the plan do not match the sketch.
        b) Are there photos of the interior of the cafe?
        c) roofed & glazed, should it be closed?
        d) What is the position in the sketch plan of the terrace?
        e) Pavilions, for what? Where is exactaly in the map, I do not.
        f) What is the main use of this building?

  2. Hi,

    you say that 10000€ is the budget for the competition, right, but what about the purchasing power of that money in Yaroslavl? Where we can take a regular price list of the materials available there?

    How we have to consider it? Is it for the materials only or for the contruction team fee also? Is it only for the terrace, for the pavillion or for both of them? What about the facade renovation? Do you have an extrabudget limit for it?
    Where we can take a regular price list of the materials available in Yaroslavl?


    • The budget includes only building materials for the veranda and pavilions. The budget don’t includes facade modernization costs. It have extra budget.
      You can find the prices of materials in Yaroslavl for example here: http://bit.ly/X7y4WT (1 USD = 30 Rubles).
      But we announced the price of 10,000 Euros as an example, for the purposes, that the contestants did not make too expensive projects. You can calculate the cost in a prices, convenient for you, we have a some supply of the budget to compensate the difference between the prices.

  3. 1.) How many Pavillions can we make? We realize that 1 pavilion needs to hold 6-8 people but how many pavillions total? For example, can we make one big pavillion or lots of small pavillions?
    2.) We noticed the pavillion space is also a parking space. Do we need to incorporate the parking space within our pavilion space?
    3.) What is the use of the half-sunken basement? is it in use?
    4.) In the Veranda Space, can we dig the ground down to a moderate sense?

    • 1. You have to design from 3 to 5 pavilions.
      2. Parking will be moved to another area.
      3. The basement is a technical floor.
      4. Yes, you can dig the ground down in the Veranda space.

  4. Do we have to register before submitting projects? Is this anonymous competition and is there any registration code/number that we get during registration process? Can our names be visible on presentation panels?

  5. 1) can we modify the interior of the restaurant?
    2) could we have a plan indicating the layout of the interior space of the restaurant? position and size of the bar, tables, stage…

  6. Do you have any restrictions on the height of the construction?
    Does this design of the pavilion have to be done strictly in the yellow area which you have shown us? So does the top of it?

    Can we use the platform of the second floor? Would you please tell me what the upper part of the building is used for? You know that we may find something useful

    • There are no restrictions on the height of the construction. You can make the construction higher than the yellow zone. But you have to think about the division of functions, because on the 2nd floor offices of the tax police of Yaroslavl are located .

  7. We downloaded the last version of the plans , 3d and elevation. There is a big problem, they are all different ! (different also from the photos of the existing building). The dimension of the building in the plans (dwg) is different from the ones in the 3d and the scans (pdf) .
    Witch are the correct plans : Facades_ArchFood.dwg or plan_Autocad.dwg or the plans from the scans.pdf ?
    Where exactly is the starting point and ending point of the 25 m of the future terrace ? (does the ending point reach the second door that it is visible in the existing plans and in the photos of the building).
    Thank you .

    • The most accurate dimensions — on the scans of drawings, such as:

      DWG-file and 3D model was made on the basis of these scans by different people. DWG plan is more accurate.

      We are aware of this situation, and inaccuracies in a dimensions in the competitive projects will not be affected negatively in their evaluation. The best competition entry will be updated before the construction, based on the exact dimensions.

      For the starting and ending points, please, use a plan in dwg from downloads: http://yadi.sk/d/LfYsQcAH25ESH

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