1] Is the terrace to be permanent or a temporary installation?
2] The brief calls for a terrace and also pavilions. Are these two separate things. Are we to propose a fixed terrace design and mobile/temporary pavilions within?
3] What sort of food will be served at this restaurant?
4] Is not there more information on 3D in Archicad?

A: the terrace is permanent,
the terrace and pavilions are separate, you can propose mobile pavilions. Pavilions will be located on the territory, that marked in yellow on the map
This restaurant have classic menu.
You can download the corrected 3D model in various formats + plan in Autocad  here

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    • Greetings.

      a) The sketch plan, the distance of 18 meters is wrong. Because the plan do not match the sketch.
      b) Are there photos of the interior of the cafe?
      c) roofed & glazed, should it be closed?
      d) What is the position in the sketch plan of the terrace?
      e) Pavilions, for what? Where is exactaly in the map, I do not.
      f) What is the main use of this building?

      • We have corrected the model. The model is match the plan now. We have no photos of the interior of the cafe now, maybe later. Terrace may be closed or not — at your option. It will don’t work in russian winter. The position of the terrace is marked yellow on the 3d model & plan. Summer pavilions for eating the food, situated in any place, that marked yellow on the map. The restraunt is situated in the office building.
        Thank you!

  1. Greetings. New questions:

    a) Can I extend the width of three meters ? By the terrace is not straight.

    b) Those 60 people on the terrace. Are they suppose in tables 4 people?

    c) can I modify access?

    d) Do you plan to place disabled access ramp?
    I say this because if so consumes a lot of surface. It´s necesary or not.

    e) The outdoor pavilio, is it smoking? Is it to put two tables? Or is intimate dining?


    • A. You can offer the option to renew the terrace, if it requested by your architectural idea.
      B. Yes, they suppose in tables 4 people.
      C. No, you should not change the access.
      D. The ramp is not necessary, but you can offer it in your project.
      E. The outdoor pavilions is smoking. You can design the pavilions with 1 or 2 tables.

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