“Bathing in warm light” Restaurant

There & Here: Xinna Wang, He Li & Huali Zhang / Haikou, China

“Bathing in warm light” Restaurant


Bathing in warm light

Concept :

When you saw warm light in the cold weather, what will you first think of ?

When you are wandering in the lonely empty streets, when you walk in the night wind, whether do you want to get in a warm wind port?  Do you want to see a bunch of warm light in the night?
When you walk in a sunny street, when you are returning from having finished one all-day-work, whether do you want to have an exquisite meal? Would you like to appreciate this rare leisure undisturbed time?

Team: There & Here


Create a warm place, in both hearts of you and me.
We use skylight, lights, and lake-light together to create a warm feeling, a beautiful environment.
This design aims to build a warm and comfortable, un-interruptable place while enjoying food and nice view at the cafe verandah.
Through the comparison and contrast, the density contrast material, high and low contrast, and the lamp shape rooms placed at high and low, in the limited space to create the delicate changes of the visual effect.

Xinna Wang, He Li & Huali Zhang

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