Dancing Noodles

Dancing Noodles / Qicai Mou, Huali Zhang, Ling Long / Haikou /PRC CHINA

Description of Archfood Design

As the theme of this competition is architecture and food, I combined the two aspects in my design of the cafe. as you can see in my design,the architecture is divided into 3 separated spaces by 3 curved surfaces and a plane surface in the middle. the plane surface in the middle of the building provides a path for customers to reach the space on second floor. the curved surfaces provide two different spaces, one with the roof curved the floor plane, the other with a curved floor and a plane roof.

Dancing Noodles

when asking why i make such a “curved”design, I will tell you that when I was think about the connection between architecture and food i was actually eating noodle! believe it or not, it is the noodle I ate several days ago which gave me inspiration and then i started my design. i thought about several possible designs during the last 10 days and finally I made up my decision: To make the cafe curved.the curved space in the cafe comes from the noodle, you know,noodle is curved. when I put the 3 curved surfaces into the building I found that they look just like noodles!the building is not just a building anymore, it is also a kind of very popular food. this curved design reflects the theme.

author: Qicai Mou

beyond the shape, the curved space have an advantage over plane space, making the environment more changeable and more active. customers in the cafe will not feel boring, they will feel interested with the space, and will be glad to come to the cafe again. as for the pavilions outside. they are curved just like the main building, they are in harmony, making the environment peaceful. people sitting there will feel relaxed and pleased. the pavilions are close to trees, some days of the year, they can make good use of the shade of the trees.

just think that you sit there in the pavilions with warm sunshine and gentle wind on you, all the unhappiness are gone, you are completely relaxed! that’s all for my design, hope you enjoy it.

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