FIVE / Marian Dirkzwager, Daniela Parolin, Robert Lensink / Urban ID / Barcelona / Spain

FIVE / Marian Dirkzwager, Daniela Parolin, Robert Lensink

It is a matter of taste.

Food and architecture are linked and melted in this conceptual project.

In the culinary world we need a recipe, ingredients, a cooking procedure, love, patient and time. In the culinary world we need to understand the flavours, the structure and the expiration of the products. In the culinary world you want to innovate but at the same time use ancient techniques to surprise your guests. The gastronomy is a mirror of the different cultures, races, ethnical groups and geographic situation within the Russian nation.

This is not much different when we talk about architecture. Where passion is seen back when the different components and are used to create a facade of a local community house. Where creativity, innovation but with ages old techniques are mixed and combined to build a bridge. Where a building has different formats and materials as the geographic situation changes.

Our concept has taken the tastes as a bridge between architecture and gastronomy. The five tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salt, unami.

We will play with this number (5) to symbolise the gastronomy in all its aspects: in the layers, in the different levels of design, in the colours and in structure, all will be in multiple of five.

Our concept is designed in the different layers, zones and uses of a restaurant, but always in a multiple of five, symbolising the flavours. It is a matter of senses.

A salty dish can be your main course but as a starter you can have a soup with sour cream as a starter and bitter lemon ice cream as a dessert. In our architectural concept you can also have this distinguishment in the design: The 5 flavours will stand for 5 main layers. These layers are present at 5 levels and continuing from exterior to interior: they will have different colours and textures expressing the corresponding taste, from roof until floor: sweet, (yellow, soft texture) sour (color, organic structure), salt (black, bubbled structure), bitter (orange color, textured shiny surface), unami, (magenta, shiny with different shades). Separated by the neutral in between layers (wooden shutters) in quantities always in multiple of 5.

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