Architecture and Food

Architecture and Food / NRI Design Group: Larry Scavone, Scott Holbrook, Jason Dickerson / Mannheim, Germany

In the spirit of the Social Revolution, the industrial design combines the ingredients of simple materials with a modern design to create a nourishing social environment in an otherwise underutilized space.

The Problem: The site is situated in an area offering a unique opportunity for development, but presents challenges as well. The current site appears semi-enclosed and underutilized as a parking area. Another issue are the cost limitations which eliminate the possibility of attaching the veranda to the existing structure.

Architecture and Food

The Concept: Provide a dynamic approach that celebrates the image of “food in architecture and design of food”. Thus creating a sustainably designed environment for year-round dining, adaptable to site, building typology and budget + enhancing the sense of “place”, to meet for food, drink and conversation.

The Solution: In lieu of the challenge to aggregate the ‘new’ to ‘existing’ structure, we elected to construct a gourmet space that is more “stand-alone”, and that helps to realize the new plaza. The architecture is comprised of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated steel and glass components; either pre-assembled or erected on-site; a synergy of industrial design with the culinary arts. The structure is either pre-assembled or erected on-site, offering a savings in time and completion cost.

NRI Design Group

The glass panels can be opened to welcome a much larger activity and transform the space into a dynamic plaza, yet the ‘architectural-kitchen’ remains the focal hub of the site.

A site combining select ingredients of food, culture and architecture into an area previously not utilized. The spirit and celebration of the meal is equally captured in the construction details and trueness to the materials.

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