FUNNEL FLAVOUR — Taste Processing

FUNNEL FLAVOUR -Taste Processing-    / PETRICORstudio: Stefano Nafissi,

Ilaria Venturelli, Francesca Ceci, Mirco Pagnoni / Bologna / Italy

FUNNEL FLAVOUR — Taste Processing

Historical, social and collective survey makes possible the approach between reality and architecture and it allows the creation of new languages that see the man, not only the forms, as protagonist of research about expressiveness of architectural empty.

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Architecture is based on experimentation. Each project has its origin from research and explores the relationship between architecture and other topics.
Through the study of a program, we prefigure different perspectives, identifying content which, in turn, help the development of the process and stimulate the birth of experiences, changing use of architecture and awareness of materials and relational factors’ complexity.

authors: PETRICORstudio

In this case, the research about food tells the complex relationship that man has with it.
Symbolism, desire to share and developed identity have a great importance and they are all fundamental architecture’s factors, so they are declined in the design phase, as to became proposal. Future is designed through ideal projections direct to construction of a real space.

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Innovation and experimentation, in personal experiences field, are sources of constant surprises and cultural progress, so they are two ingredients for proposed scenario.
But architecture, as food, can not be considered just the sum of the various ingrendients: Architecture is the combination of several factors and emotional sensations.

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Like in eating experience, the final processing is the complex combination of olfactory, gustatory and trigeminal perceptions. It’s called flavor.
Architecture, as taste, is subjective. Everyone must be able to eat what he likes and, as much, to enjoy his aesthetic experience, living spaces according to his needs.

The project responds to need for freedom using non-standardized environments, in which everyone can express his creativity and personal habits.
We rethink the concepts of collective participation, open space and randomness.

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We are looking for tinkering!

«Tinkering is what happens when you finish try to do something That unknow, guided by whim, imagination and curiosity. Acting in this way, there are no instructions or errors, there is not a right way and a wrong way to do everythings. It means to learn how things work and to manipulate them. Contrasting gadgets, machines, objects harmoniously That Work: that’s the tinkering.

Tinkering is a Process That combines gaming and research.» > Massimo Banzi

The contemporary space, in addition to physical boundaries, is defined by connections offered by communication tools. Consequently we need a design that is not limited to the housing, but that examines the problem of information flows and new geographies created by them. High tech and low tech are not necessarily opposed, if you intend technology as a means and not as the end.

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