EXTRIAMO / Marija Cvejić, Sladjana Cvejić / Belgrade, Serbia

Aiming For over all image that is beyond basic meal experience brought ambiently shaped complex that reconnects interior, exterior and nature by extracting best of it all and combining separate structures as one unique off — the grid composition, nffering experience greater then sum of it’s individual


Basic concept starts with triangle shape that multiplies, intersects, grows into sky and dives into water. These elements were woven intersected and combined in order to make different spaces overviewing the entire complex including raw, refreshing, green.


As human interaction becomes increasingly dynamic, the need for creating memorable spaces increases with all of it’s delight and challenge. In spite of it’s numerous possibilities basic idea remains: changing ambient in wood, water, sun, shadows and multimedia uniquely interpreted and made to meet needs oF visitors looking For ambient that reaches Far beyond basic natural atmosphere.


In order to organize all aroud network oF intersected ambiental spaces, different spaces Follow one another punctuating walkaway path that goes around and through pavilion structures animated by different in-between visual and Functional impressions. All around experience continues with staircase leading to restaurant terrace. From this height view opens towards the entire complex oF pavilions revealing the unity and relaxing ambient and making it recognizable as simple and compact, yet dynamic and diverse.


Range oF materials specified to Fit out goes From metal deck Frame, recyclable and made oF recyclable materials, wooden plates rotated to separate different ambient and direct views, perforated zinc plates that provide natural ventilation For basement but keep the property to oxidate and change color over time, all the way to polycarbonate shades that throw in the color while partially keeping From the sun. The accent is on cheaper materials combined to provide diversity and changeability without expanding basic costs.

authors: Marija Cvejić, Sladjana Cvejić

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