Fishy Fairytale

Fishy Fairytale / Theoklitos  Triantafyllidis, Nickolas Triantafyllidis, Mitsiou Andreas / Beijing, China

Our main main idea was to explore the fascination of the sense of taste in space. When thinking of Siberia, the first thing that comes to mind is the taste of ice. And the vodka. Our main concept for the exterior of the Buffet, was to create a happy place for summer time to enjoy the quality life and city view.

Fishy Fairytale

The veranda is like a big mouth, that calls people to come in from the tongue. For the pavillions we thought of a very good tradition of Russia to make dolls become smaller. Like this, our pavillions can be inside one other, to store in the winter!! We also put some landscape to make it more natural. There is a lake and a mushroom mountain. The interior, on the other side, is more cold and wild. Our idea for inside the restaurant is to create a natural delicious environment.

Fishy Fairytale / 2

The kitchen is inside a frozen mountain. A river falls from the mountain and passes through the forest. The forest has some wild animals which can be hunted by the customers with spears. The feeling of flowing water gives a sense of calmness. The river finally reaches the salty sea which is also full of tasty fish. Fishing is a great tradition of Russia and we thought it to be good if people could fish inside the restaurant.

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There is also a stage for live music making and wine tasting. We believe that music, as cooking, cannot be fully experienced if not done completely by oneself. This is why we propose that fishing, hunting, preparation and cooking are all done by the customers themselves. For the water elements we propose that water starts to boil during the night until it becomes a soup that people can drink and enjoy the vapors of the tastyful sauna. All tables and chairs are submerged in water like the film Сталкер. All this, we think, can be expressed by this wonderful painting of a tiger fishing.

authors: Theoklitos  Triantafyllidis, Nickolas Triantafyllidis, Mitsiou Andreas

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