Parasite / Jair Galvan / Milan, Italy


Food has been always our companion, since the very beginning of our existence, as a pure response to our primal instinct, to survive.


Our ancestors had to struggle to feed their crews, either fighting against predators or mastering agricultural techniques. They ate what was available… if lucky.

Today, however, food has become a mere banality, every day a new cooking TV show is broadcasting, a pop-up restaurant is coming out, chains and chains of fast food are bombing our children with advertising and tons of fat, and how do we face the facts? Buying, eating.

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This competition aims to make an interpretation of architecture as a cuisine masterpiece, delicious architecture, beyond metaphoric thoughts. A piece to be enjoyed at the same level as we enjoy our dishes.

Nevertheless, analyzing the current situation of food, also as an industry, is impossible to avoid the thinking. This is a metaphoric vision of what we eat, most of food today is a noxious entity, promoting consumerism, threatening our pockets as well as our health… is becoming a parasite, this is how this project is envisioned.

author: Jair Galvan


The parasite veranda is thought as an invader, literally sucking the original building’s (host) energy. With sucking, we literally talk about electricity, water and sewage installations, but the metaphorical approach goes further. We see a parasite as a living entity, and this means will also take vitality from the host, it is intended to steal people from the restaurant, become the main attraction, and the most wanted place.

Materials are expected to be contrasting, reinforcing the feeling of a strange body, while capturing the attention. Corten steel is used as main material for covering, as it changes during its lifespan.

The composition of the plan conveys with the overall concept, the distribution of veranda and pavilions is taken from the apparent chaos in which the intruder organism is growing, however, always looking for protection. The tree line creates a natural barrier, and thus the last correlation between concept and design: the layout is working like a cell, where the intruders are protected, and still visible.

Design and conceptualization, were didactic and funny stages, learning how parasites interact with their hosts. Influences for this project were taken from works of Daniel Libeskind, Lebbeus woods, Coop Himmel(B)lau, and the most important, nature itself.

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