Streamline Restaurant

Streamline Restaurant / Huijuan  Liu, Zhiwei  Ji / Huijuan  Liu / Haikou, PRC CHINA

The Description Of Archfood Design

——Streamline Restaurant

Architecture and cuisine, originally, people do not think there’s necessarily a link between them. But enjoying delicious food in an interesting and rich space where people can communicate, taste, share and discuss with each other will make the process of eating becomes entertaining. Excellent building provides a comfortable space, which makes people become closer and the delicious food become the common point of interest.

Streamline Restaurant

Yaroslavl, located on the confluence of Volga River and Section prop Ross Fall River. Inspiration from the winding rive, twists and turns, ups and downs, form the outdoor pavilion and roof garden. And extending flow lines to the inside, forming a rich and interesting space.

In the outside, pavilions are not stand-alone and connected to each other by the framework . They compose well communication with the outside world. The sunlight shines on people through the glass frame, then people enjoy natural and cuisine in the pavilion, communicate with each other at the same time.

authors: Huijuan  Liu, Zhiwei  Ji / Huijuan  Liu

The terrace has been transformed into a restaurant “Buffet”, people could enter into the terrace from the underlying directly after soaking up the sunshine. Dynamic and static are separately, the right for the dishes desk and cozy rest area on the left. Here you can read and exhibition, to understand the history and development of the social revolution, supplement spiritual nourishment. The left side of the door is a wooden staircase leading to the first layer where the main dining space is. The interior space continuation of the streamline , organically combine with the indoor furniture, making inside and outside space harmonious. All the inside furniture is made of wood which make the entire restaurant warm.

There’s an open rooftop garden after upstairs from the first layer. The framework of the roof garden is extending by the style of the outdoor pavilion, also form several nodes for docking, resting and enjoying cuisine and sunshine. The inside space can accommodate 200 people for dining, and the outside pavilions and roof garden are also available to provide dining space. The rest area can accommodate 15 people for reading and exhibition.

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