The elegant of Taste

The elegant of Taste / Leisi wang, Huali Zhang, Zhang Yi / Haikou, PRC CHINA

The elegant of Taste

Schemes to glass associated with the taste of the state, from the morphology of glass as the basic elements of architecture. Consider the restaurant is on the side of the building space design, so don’t need more seats, wants to create a gallery cafe, people together is more of a stand, chatting over coffee or beer. Corridor also equipped with tables and chairs, provide people standing is not convenient. Interior space for the glass, which is formed by the arc give people open space, at the beginning of the design space can be divided into fluctuation two parts, but it will make people feel depressed, so remove the part of the space.

The elegant of Taste / 2

By using the part of the space. The end of the corridor is and outdoor landscape combined with the road. The elements of landscape by arc, middle has a pool, create a dynamic landscape. And has made the show plate around the pool, seating, the exhibition hall is relatively simple, for people to use round as the basic form around do glass curtain wall and have a ladder. The atmosphere of whole line is clear, and unaffected.

authors: Leisi wang, Huali Zhang, Zhang Yi

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