In trying to create a collaboration between food and architecture that was both creative and of use to the local community. Our prospective design tries to create an ever evolving space where members of the local and wider populations can participate and influence the use and design of the structure. Our design hopes to integrate phases of the food cycle from growth to composting, in order to help people enjoy a closed loop cycle throughout the year.


Food is an intrinsic part of many lifestyles, and a sense of community, whether it be with friends, family or strangers, can be created whilst sharing a meal, a table etc. We hope to create such an atmosphere by allowing the space to be something for each of these parties, with opportunities to forge new relationships within the community.


Food especially has taken a stronghold in the world of social media, with apps such as Foodspotting, Pinterest and Instagram also featuring a high percentage of food and associated images. The sharing of food naturally has extended to the sharing of experiences about food. People enjoy seeing what others are eating and where; a friendly competitive atmosphere is created and shared when growing one’s own fruit and vegetables – pictures are updated showing progress, information on what was done and how; people also love to show off their own skills in the kitchen and many home cooked meals are displayed in social media forums along with recipes and accompanying videos on YouTube and similar sites.


This will be the type of information we intend to harness in order to create our community and to subsequently link it to an architecture that will then support the various interests of the group, itself.

It is the role of architecture to serve society, enhancing not only the spaces we occupy but also the way in which we occupy it. The spaces and places that coincide with our food fantasies are often an inconspicuous backdrop. The venue is often relegated to the position of a necessary, but not essential, part of the experience. Our design aims to allow for phased construction with multiple possible configurations in response to the local communities requirements thereby offering a better fit to the needs of the users.


We therefore chose to use social media as an integral part of our designing process. Social media in its many forms allows people both near and far to suggest ideas, collaborate, share and discuss any given project. This element not only allows the generation of ideas to come to the forefront but it also allows us on the project to negate and change items that will not be of use or perhaps even obstructive to local use.

Using social media as a key element of our design process, we hope to ensure that the structure created is of use year round to local inhabitants in many forms and can therefore cater to a wider audience allowing mass participation. We hope that creating an initial community can lead to the space being used for items we have not yet anticipated, as well as enhancing the local area and the attached restaurant space.

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