Ice Vodka

Ice Vodka / YuQiong Kim, Can Tu, Zhiwei Ji / HaiKou, HanNan province, China

Ice Vodka

               —For frigid weather

     the cafe will remind you of the cool vodka.


as the weather in russia is cold so i combined the shape of the cafe with the iceberg. the “iceberg” is made of glasses and metal

Ice Vodka

Design description:

the shape of the building is a vodka bottle, on behalf of Russian very well. Contemporary design with the old building has a sharp contrast, more prominent in the sense of Yaroslavl Internal space means that ice is a vodka inside of ice. Through with the original building internal space, sitting in the warm house but by frosted window to watch the cold climate of mystery.Outdoor pavilion is glacier, combining with the cold weather in Russia.

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