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Food Competition — FoodCave

Public space is a topic of many wild discussions nowadays. Architecture field leeds vibrant conversations about its quality, possibilities and future. Some criticise that it is being absorbed by traffic. Others say public space has been privatized and individuals donťt have the proper position. Concept project FoodCave tries to show up one of the problems of public space and proposes a solution based on the topic Architecture – Food.


There are no doubts dynamics of 21st century cities is uncomparable with the cities in the past. Society has changed and approves different values then a few years ago. Bustle of the streets in still bigger and bigger cities controls omnipresent rush in form of pedestrians or cars. An individual is more and more just a unit in a crowd and FoodCave is supposed to solve it.

Human being is loosing its personality, coolness and energy in a crowd. It is just an individual in a huge group of passer-bys. When sitting on a bench he or she definitely can´t feel comfortable. One is lost! Piece of calm would be required. Piece of own space would be appreciated. One could have a little rest, could have a snack, could talk to beloved girl. One needs to ground a bit. FoodCave could help.

FoodCave / 2

Concerning the content, the FoodCave is a little shelter in the bustle of the city. It is a cave for a piece of rest, meal and thoughts.

The form of FoodCave follows its content. A rotund shell ties to literally evoke the cave. Concrete crust shades the city and provides the feeling of raw protection. Inner wood shell provides calm and warmth. Symbolic chimney brings a piece of clear sky into the interior and is clear lighhouse – pylon in the bustle of the city. „You can save yourself here!“

author: Tomáš Čech

Escape from the rush, find a calm, invite your lover for a lunch. Hide, have a rest, have a meal, breathe in, open your eyes, close your eyes. You are allowed to do whatever you want. Inside the FoodCave almost everything is allowed.

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