Sunken Simplicity

Sunken Simplicity / Eka Swadiansa, Kania Prita Anggriany / Jakarta — Indonesia

Gourmanization of the Space


Much differs to the conventional approaches, our proposal do not reflect itself on any certain bizarre metaphors. As we are growing fonder of the existing programmatic connections, we moved deeper to analyze each of the different spatial properties (i.e. the bar, stage, and side‐stage areas) and try to connect them with what would be the space of proper ‘formal dine‐in’. The result is proposal for 3 new terraces and pavilions that would not only bridge the existing programs with new way of modern formalism, but will also enrich the spatial quality of the restaurant into 1 holistic function with many different ambiences to choose from.

Sunken Simplicity


The Existing Spaces

BEER in the Stage & Bar areas. Energetic music, lights, and crowd, pass around the beer…. one of the large existing features of the restaurant was the large stage and bar areas able to host quite numerous numbers of spectators. To enjoy the drink or just to listen to the music, the area serves a public ambience of the heavy crowd.

Sunken Simplicity / 2

SOFT drinks in the Side Stage. Enjoying the conversation accompanied by the live band… a place for light snack and super heavy discussion or just everyday life’s sissy gossip. A place to meet friends and enjoy the break after long‐hour of works.

Sunken Simplicity / 3

The New Proposals

COFFEE in the 1st floor Veranda. Our proposals are the spaces that move away from the music and its crowds… the first is the 1st floor terrace, with maximum orientation towards the landscape outward. It is the perfect space to enjoy the day ‐quietly‐ sipping the hot cup of coffee while reading the local newspaper or novel…

Sunken Simplicity / 4

WINE in the lower ground Veranda. The second is the lower ground terrace placed right ‘under’ the coffee‐ shop… It is a place of special occasion. Completely private, quite, and introvert; the space for personal celebrations: job promotion, wedding proposal, marriage, anniversary, etc… it is a special space devoted for fine dine‐in. So shall we open the bottle of wine?

Sunken Simplicity / 5

MORE WINES in the Pavilions. The third proposal is to create a ‘courtyard circumference’ and ‘fill‐in each corners with pavilions… The courtyard will become a kind of central point of orientation to create
a kind of shared‐landscape values to create extrovert spaces which are visibly connected to each other, yet bordered in different pavilions. It is a space devoted for the serious meeting… business deals that are followed by a toss… cheers!

authors: Eka Swadiansa, Kania Prita Anggriany

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