Urban Greenhouse

Urban Greenhouse / Anton Kotlyarov, Stanislav Kashin, Patricia Lencastre Carneiro / Milan, Italy

Urban Greenhouse


After we read the book “Food for the City”, which describes problem of food production in modern world. We decided to concentrate our attention on natural food production. But in our case natural vegetation is more decorative element, which appears like central idea of conception of urban greenhouse.

What could be more associated with food more, than the place where food produced? Only the place where you can eat the food. New conception of “buffet” restaurant is two in one.

Urban Greenhouse

The volume of restaurant divided on several block, between each one of them placed plants, which produce different food products (tomatoes, grape, oranges, lemons). These plants perform a decorative function.

Natural vegetation creates pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, all visitors of restaurant could try to grow their own plants. What could be a reason to visit “buffet” restaurant more often.

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Wooden frame is a main structural element. This frame involves all other elements. External frontage is covered with windows, big windows are permanently closed and small could be opened. Area of big windows covered with wooden planks. Whole structure is lifted up from the ground on level of main entrance. Structure looks lighter and maintains access of light to basement of main 6 floor building. The roof covered with glass only in areas were plants placed, to have a sun light for vegetation.

Pavilions are designed for six people inside and have the same wooden frame structure covered with wooden planks, but without glass. Pavilions designed for summer time and they are moveable.

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The main access to terrace is provided from the main space of restaurant. Two of existing windowsill are became an entrance to terrace, while other five became sitting places, what significantly increase amount of sitting places.

Main volume of terrace is covered with glass, but not the space in front of main entrance to restaurant. This place is wooden frame covered with wooden planks, without glass.

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The plants are growing in suspended pots, there are two types of pots, for plants like grape, ivy and tomatoes (its can create long continuous plant from one pot) and oranges and lemons which need more pots to maintain wanted amount of green area.

Lighting system is provided by single light spots.


Comfortable sitting is made for 50 persons. It is possible to extend the number of sits to 60 or even more for special events. There are four types of sitting from the couches in the corner to the regular double-sit tables. This is made to provide a sitting possibility for different groups.

authors: Anton Kotlyarov, Stanislav Kashin, Patricia Lencastre Carneiro

More details

Terrace is made is a such a way to provide additional advertising by looking for activities occurring in the terrace not by using big signboards. Wooden planks add a mystery to the restaurant if you are walking down the street. The desire to look inside is appearing.

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