Escamol   / Carolina Contreras, Miriam Acosta / Chihuahua, Mexico

 is a project inspired in food, but which type of food did we chose and why?


After making a research on international dishes prepared with worldwide known ingredients, we decided not to go to far and kept the origin and context of the localization of the project, which is Russia.

We decided to take as main concept Ykra, a typical Russian appetizer, with an attractive visual but also contrasting in its different ingredients. So finally we had our ingredients to start cooking architecture.

Escamol / 2

Why Escamol?

Escamoles are ant larvae, which in Mexico are as unique and expensive as caviar, and are called ̈The Mexican caviar ̈, this way we are making allusion to our Mexican way to reinterpret Ykra.

How does this appetizer transform into a living space and which sensations can you perceive from it?

The origins for red caviar, is salmon, so we took this as inspiration to start designing, at this point we defined colors and textures inspired on it. At this point we did the same with the other ingredients, which are bread and butter.

Carolina Contreras, Miriam Acosta

We created a new atmosphere where the actual clients and the new ones to come can feel and perceive the new design, but keeping the commodity, service and food that was already offered.

Escamol is innovating with an interactive bar, which goes through the whole restaurant ending on the veranda, which is divided in 6 pavilions offering more privacy to the user, being this the biggest attractive of The Buffet.

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