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  1. Hi,

    you say that 10000€ is the budget for the competition, right, but what about the purchasing power of that money in Yaroslavl? Where we can take a regular price list of the materials available there?

    How we have to consider it? Is it for the materials only or for the contruction team fee also? Is it only for the terrace, for the pavillion or for both of them? What about the facade renovation? Do you have an extrabudget limit for it?
    Where we can take a regular price list of the materials available in Yaroslavl?


  2. 1-can u tell me how many Pavilions should I make?
    2- what is the style you are Like more?
    3-should we redesign all the facades or just the restaurant facade?
    4-can you give me the menu of the restaurant in English ?

    Thank you

    • 1 — you can make 5-3 pavilions, depends on their size
      2 — The main requirement for the style — it should express a combination of architecture and food. You can also see photos of interiors: http://cih.ru/wp/food/2013/02/04/interior-photos/ , to understand the favorite style of the restaurant owner.
      3 — You have to redesign the facade of a 5 story building, not just the restaurant.
      4 — We’ll translate the menu soon and publish the translation here.

  3. dear sirs
    I would like to know where is the restaurant technical area (kitchen , store, toilets ,etc etc) because there is any indications in the sketch or cad …..
    best regards

  4. Hi!
    What are the intentions of the investor for the redesign of the facades? Shall we change the sizes of the openings (windows) — partiali or entirely removing facade walls? If so — we will need at least the column positions on the facade wall.

    Will the office part of the bulding relay on natural ventilation and air conditioning through individual units per room, or will be there a centralized ventilation and air conditioning system?

    • The investor assumes only external reconstruction of the facade, its finish. You should not plan to disassemble the the existing wall, because the building will continue to operate during the renovation of the facade.
      You should consider that different offices can have their own air-conditioning on the facade.

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