Glass Refuge

Glass Refuge / Isabel Brant, Gabriel Souza, Marcos Franchini / Brazil

Glass Refuge


The space created in ths Project makes the best out of the experience of eating food and socializing in restaurants.

The space available for the intervention allows a high ceiling and plenty of natural light. The Project solution enhanced these possibilities with a mezzanine, glazing and a sunroof.

Glass Refuge / 2

This transparency contrasts with the previous image of the restaurant and invites passers-by to enter and indulge in the pleasures of culinary.  The existing windows were taken out so the sound can get through to the veranda and also customers in the existing area can take a peek. These window openings were painted red, as were the walls in the new entrance and on the opposite side, giving simmetry to the facade composition.

Glass Refuge / 3

The linear lighting and level solutions, as well as the materials and layout suggested give sophistication to the space, creating a fresh ambience to the restaurant by day and a cool urban feel at night .

The separate pavilion is set Just under ground level, much like a lounge area, keeping it cozy and private without losing the outdoors sensation.

authors: Isabel Brant, Gabriel Souza and Marcos Franchini

The Project takes a contemporary approach to restaurant design and gives Буфет new light, making it more attractive to customers and offering experiences that were not filfilled by the existing space.