Lunch on the Grass

Lunch on the Grass / Petar Stapov / Sofia, Bulgaria

Lunch on the Grass

A picnic in the city…

Besides providing us with a shelter, architecture has always provided a décor for the rituals of our life. The ritual of a church service needs the church building as its décor. The theatrical performance needs its thematic décor. If we consider cookery as an art (which it certainly is), and dining as its ritual, or performance, then the restaurant’s architecture is the décor, the scenery, the theme. What should be the theme of our restaurant, inspired by food?

Petar Stapov


And why not search for inspiration from other arts – food in arts. Let’s think about how the act of eating has inspired the other arts. Lunch on the grass… Not just still life from the fine arts, but real life – people having lunch in the open. People living in harmony with nature… A picnic in the city.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Let the floor be grass, let the columns be trees, and let the roof be the crowns of the trees, detached from the walls. Let people sit on the grass when eating, like they do in some cultures. Let them be closer to the earth and nature.

We are looking for an „easy“ architecture, an oasis in the city, surrounded by hedges for visual and noise barrier. A place where you can sit on the ground. Fresh and cool.

Lunch on the Grass 4 


Materials (example):

  • Floor – bleached wood
  • Existing wall to the terrace – bleached wood
  • Ceiling – wooden slats (bleached)
  • Railing – glass
  • Pavilion floor – polished concrete (white mate)

Lunch on the Grass 5

Structure (example):

  • Columns – steel “tree” columns, round profile, painted in white;
  • Floor – concrete slab with the “tree” columns fixed on it, or wood floor structure – the steel “tree” column will have its own fundaments;
  • Roof – steel or wood construction, waterproofed plywood plates, waterproofing insulation;
  • Green wall – wood or metal stud wall structure, grass panels.

Lunch on the Grass 6 

Facade of the existing building

The main problem of the facade–beside the need for renovation–is its lack of identity.

To overcome this we suggest to create a second skin made of perforated metal panels and green accents on a metal structure, positioned about 0.5m in front of the existing facade.

Lunch on the Grass 7

This will be a kind of a semi-double-skin facade, creating a new distinctive 3D pattern on the building, based on the contrast between the darker facade wall and the light panels. On the other hand the new facade would allow for the air conditioning units with their pipes and drains to be hidden behind it.

Lunch on the Grass 8


Lunch on the Grass 0