Ice Vodka

Ice Vodka / YuQiong Kim, Can Tu, Zhiwei Ji / HaiKou, HanNan province, China

Ice Vodka

               —For frigid weather

     the cafe will remind you of the cool vodka.


as the weather in russia is cold so i combined the shape of the cafe with the iceberg. the “iceberg” is made of glasses and metal

Ice Vodka

Design description:

the shape of the building is a vodka bottle, on behalf of Russian very well. Contemporary design with the old building has a sharp contrast, more prominent in the sense of Yaroslavl Internal space means that ice is a vodka inside of ice. Through with the original building internal space, sitting in the warm house but by frosted window to watch the cold climate of mystery.Outdoor pavilion is glacier, combining with the cold weather in Russia.

Fishy Fairytale

Fishy Fairytale / Theoklitos  Triantafyllidis, Nickolas Triantafyllidis, Mitsiou Andreas / Beijing, China

Our main main idea was to explore the fascination of the sense of taste in space. When thinking of Siberia, the first thing that comes to mind is the taste of ice. And the vodka. Our main concept for the exterior of the Buffet, was to create a happy place for summer time to enjoy the quality life and city view.

Fishy Fairytale

The veranda is like a big mouth, that calls people to come in from the tongue. For the pavillions we thought of a very good tradition of Russia to make dolls become smaller. Like this, our pavillions can be inside one other, to store in the winter!! We also put some landscape to make it more natural. There is a lake and a mushroom mountain. The interior, on the other side, is more cold and wild. Our idea for inside the restaurant is to create a natural delicious environment.

Fishy Fairytale / 2

The kitchen is inside a frozen mountain. A river falls from the mountain and passes through the forest. The forest has some wild animals which can be hunted by the customers with spears. The feeling of flowing water gives a sense of calmness. The river finally reaches the salty sea which is also full of tasty fish. Fishing is a great tradition of Russia and we thought it to be good if people could fish inside the restaurant.

Fishy Fairytale / 3

There is also a stage for live music making and wine tasting. We believe that music, as cooking, cannot be fully experienced if not done completely by oneself. This is why we propose that fishing, hunting, preparation and cooking are all done by the customers themselves. For the water elements we propose that water starts to boil during the night until it becomes a soup that people can drink and enjoy the vapors of the tastyful sauna. All tables and chairs are submerged in water like the film Сталкер. All this, we think, can be expressed by this wonderful painting of a tiger fishing.

authors: Theoklitos  Triantafyllidis, Nickolas Triantafyllidis, Mitsiou Andreas

Streamline Restaurant

Streamline Restaurant / Huijuan  Liu, Zhiwei  Ji / Huijuan  Liu / Haikou, PRC CHINA

The Description Of Archfood Design

——Streamline Restaurant

Architecture and cuisine, originally, people do not think there’s necessarily a link between them. But enjoying delicious food in an interesting and rich space where people can communicate, taste, share and discuss with each other will make the process of eating becomes entertaining. Excellent building provides a comfortable space, which makes people become closer and the delicious food become the common point of interest.

Streamline Restaurant

Yaroslavl, located on the confluence of Volga River and Section prop Ross Fall River. Inspiration from the winding rive, twists and turns, ups and downs, form the outdoor pavilion and roof garden. And extending flow lines to the inside, forming a rich and interesting space.

In the outside, pavilions are not stand-alone and connected to each other by the framework . They compose well communication with the outside world. The sunlight shines on people through the glass frame, then people enjoy natural and cuisine in the pavilion, communicate with each other at the same time.

authors: Huijuan  Liu, Zhiwei  Ji / Huijuan  Liu

The terrace has been transformed into a restaurant “Buffet”, people could enter into the terrace from the underlying directly after soaking up the sunshine. Dynamic and static are separately, the right for the dishes desk and cozy rest area on the left. Here you can read and exhibition, to understand the history and development of the social revolution, supplement spiritual nourishment. The left side of the door is a wooden staircase leading to the first layer where the main dining space is. The interior space continuation of the streamline , organically combine with the indoor furniture, making inside and outside space harmonious. All the inside furniture is made of wood which make the entire restaurant warm.

There’s an open rooftop garden after upstairs from the first layer. The framework of the roof garden is extending by the style of the outdoor pavilion, also form several nodes for docking, resting and enjoying cuisine and sunshine. The inside space can accommodate 200 people for dining, and the outside pavilions and roof garden are also available to provide dining space. The rest area can accommodate 15 people for reading and exhibition.

The elegant of Taste

The elegant of Taste / Leisi wang, Huali Zhang, Zhang Yi / Haikou, PRC CHINA

The elegant of Taste

Schemes to glass associated with the taste of the state, from the morphology of glass as the basic elements of architecture. Consider the restaurant is on the side of the building space design, so don’t need more seats, wants to create a gallery cafe, people together is more of a stand, chatting over coffee or beer. Corridor also equipped with tables and chairs, provide people standing is not convenient. Interior space for the glass, which is formed by the arc give people open space, at the beginning of the design space can be divided into fluctuation two parts, but it will make people feel depressed, so remove the part of the space.

The elegant of Taste / 2

By using the part of the space. The end of the corridor is and outdoor landscape combined with the road. The elements of landscape by arc, middle has a pool, create a dynamic landscape. And has made the show plate around the pool, seating, the exhibition hall is relatively simple, for people to use round as the basic form around do glass curtain wall and have a ladder. The atmosphere of whole line is clear, and unaffected.

authors: Leisi wang, Huali Zhang, Zhang Yi

Dancing Noodles

Dancing Noodles / Qicai Mou, Huali Zhang, Ling Long / Haikou /PRC CHINA

Description of Archfood Design

As the theme of this competition is architecture and food, I combined the two aspects in my design of the cafe. as you can see in my design,the architecture is divided into 3 separated spaces by 3 curved surfaces and a plane surface in the middle. the plane surface in the middle of the building provides a path for customers to reach the space on second floor. the curved surfaces provide two different spaces, one with the roof curved the floor plane, the other with a curved floor and a plane roof.

Dancing Noodles

when asking why i make such a “curved”design, I will tell you that when I was think about the connection between architecture and food i was actually eating noodle! believe it or not, it is the noodle I ate several days ago which gave me inspiration and then i started my design. i thought about several possible designs during the last 10 days and finally I made up my decision: To make the cafe curved.the curved space in the cafe comes from the noodle, you know,noodle is curved. when I put the 3 curved surfaces into the building I found that they look just like noodles!the building is not just a building anymore, it is also a kind of very popular food. this curved design reflects the theme.

author: Qicai Mou

beyond the shape, the curved space have an advantage over plane space, making the environment more changeable and more active. customers in the cafe will not feel boring, they will feel interested with the space, and will be glad to come to the cafe again. as for the pavilions outside. they are curved just like the main building, they are in harmony, making the environment peaceful. people sitting there will feel relaxed and pleased. the pavilions are close to trees, some days of the year, they can make good use of the shade of the trees.

just think that you sit there in the pavilions with warm sunshine and gentle wind on you, all the unhappiness are gone, you are completely relaxed! that’s all for my design, hope you enjoy it.

“Bathing in warm light” Restaurant

There & Here: Xinna Wang, He Li & Huali Zhang / Haikou, China

“Bathing in warm light” Restaurant


Bathing in warm light

Concept :

When you saw warm light in the cold weather, what will you first think of ?

When you are wandering in the lonely empty streets, when you walk in the night wind, whether do you want to get in a warm wind port?  Do you want to see a bunch of warm light in the night?
When you walk in a sunny street, when you are returning from having finished one all-day-work, whether do you want to have an exquisite meal? Would you like to appreciate this rare leisure undisturbed time?

Team: There & Here


Create a warm place, in both hearts of you and me.
We use skylight, lights, and lake-light together to create a warm feeling, a beautiful environment.
This design aims to build a warm and comfortable, un-interruptable place while enjoying food and nice view at the cafe verandah.
Through the comparison and contrast, the density contrast material, high and low contrast, and the lamp shape rooms placed at high and low, in the limited space to create the delicate changes of the visual effect.

Xinna Wang, He Li & Huali Zhang