Q: We would like to enter the competition, and we have a few questions? How to register and who are eligible? and what format should we submit our work? 

A: You can download Registration form and send it to: nmaxu@ya.ru
Competition is open for:  Architects, Architecture students, Art students, Artists, Design students, Designers, Facade planners, Interior design students, Interior designers, Landscape architects, Landscape architecture students, Landscape planners / Environmental planners, Lighting designers, Structural engineers.

The best format for your project is: 1—3 boards (size: A2) in PDF for Architecture & food conceptual project
and not less, then 3 boards (A2, PDF) for real project.
You can make conceptual project (only for exhibition / publication) or the project for realization + 1 conceptual board.
Also you’ll need to send a text description 1—2 pages A4 (PDF or DOC).

Q: i would like some more inforamtions about this competition, regarding participation and fees…

A: Participation is free (no fees), you only need to register.